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Let's start at the beginning.
Round 1....4 days after Thanksgiving.
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By Dad 9/18/2012 UNTIL ????
For my Oldest Renee Elkins, You had us scared but then showed us how strong you were. 
Love you

·         November 22, 2012 near The Phoenix-Scottsdale Mobile Home Park via mobile
·         Happy Thanksgiving... What are you thankful for? I am thankful to be alive and cancer free and for my family.
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·         George Echelberger I am thankful for my friends that are like my family
·         Katrinaa Collazo I love this status I'm thankful for cancer free Renee <33333
·         Keith Callahan I'm thankful that you are cancer free! I'm also very thankful for family and friends!
·         Larriane Wills we're all so very thankful you beat it and will be with us for a very long time yet.
·         Carol Oliverio I am thankful for Renee being cancer free! And all the military families that are able to be together! And of course all my friends and family!
·         Cathy Moore I am thankful God set you free from cancer as well God Bless You Renee !!!!!!
·         Cheri Gray Bless you, Renee!

Round 1 Day 1

Renee Elkins
November 27, 2012 via mobile
Pray that all is ok. Tawni Gray
November 27, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
Please pray for my mother.. Please let everything be okay.
Eddie Bleau posted to Tawni Gray
November 27, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
I don't know you very well but from what I do know you are a great mom and it goes toshow that sometimes age doesn't matter. You stepped up and made necessary changes that most people can't.
Good job and I'm happy to see your there for your child, that's amazing and I'm proud of you and have respect of you for that.

Glenna Brookshire-Morris
November 27, 2012 via mobile
Everybody please say a prayer for my sister that all is well!!
Keith Callahan posted to Glenna Brookshire-Morris
November 27, 2012
Any news about her?

Round 1 Day 2

Keith Callahan posted to Renee Elkins
November 28, 2012 near Phoenix
So, you scared everyone, are you ok?

Crystal Hoisington posted to Renee Elkins

November 28, 2012 near Bloomfield, NM via mobile
Hope everything is okay?

Michelle Minton-Vandenberg
November 28, 2012
Thoughts and prayers are with my sister Renee Elkins during her tests today....

Chulisa Kmetz
November 28, 2012
Just got done visiting Renee at the hospital I hope you get better love you — with Renee Elkins.

Jamie Sandell McClafferty posted to Renee Elkins
November 28, 2012 via mobile
Tamara Kinyon posted to Ronn Brookshire
November 28, 2012 near Gilbert via mobile
How's Renee?
  • Ronn Brookshire She's hanging in there. Should get results of tests tomorrow. Doesn't look good though. Her moral is way down. Doesn't want to start chemo again. She beat it once so I have faith in her.
  • Tamara Kinyon Bless her heart!!! Well keep me posted and let me know where she's staying and I'll give her a call. Tell her I love her and I'm praying for her.
  • Ronn Brookshire Banner Estrella room 1225

Tawni Gray
November 28, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
I've dealt with so much my whole entire life. I'm not one to give up easy. I take the challenge. I fight for what's right.
My family is everything to me. I'd be lost without every one of you. Every one of what friends I have left.
My daughter. My mother. My father. You all mean so much to me. Family is family till the end.
And even at the end, there is a whole new world of living. There will never be an "end".

Tawni Gray

November 28, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
The doctors are doing a bone marrow biopsy around 2:00pm. Please pray that my moms cancer hasn't come back.

Round 1 Day 3

Diane Clark posted to Renee Elkins
November 29, 2012 via mobile
Thinking of you and praying you're feeling better!
Renee Elkins Thank you Diane
Ronn Brookshire

November 29, 2012

Yes Renee is back in the hospital.
She went through all the tests yesterday. We should know something later today or tomorrow.
Her moral is down as anyone who has gone through this will know.
All we can do is pray that this is something other than the cancer returning.
 She is an amazingly daughter and I know whatever way it goes she will whip it.
Decided to put a picture of her and
Delilah May. Her granddaughter will help her get through this.
They both light up when they see each other.

  • Chulisa Kmetz this is very sweet
  • Diana Reece yes it is prayers are on your way
  • Susanne McMillan Hope it all turns out good for Renee and you all.
  • Shawn Elkins Thx Auntie...
  • Rachel McFadden Praying for Nee Name. Keep us posted and let her know we all love her.
  • Tawni Gray Love you mom, hang in there.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Prayers are with you and family
  • Jasmine Gray Love you too mom..
  • Singer Holli Love and prayers going your way !!!
  • Tamara Kinyon Love you my sweet friend!!
  • Keith Callahan My prayers are definitely with you at this time!
  • Cathy Moore Bill & I have you in our prayers !! !! We all Love you
  • Stephanie Marin My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!
  • Crystal Hoisington 4 mutual friendsLove you all! prayers with you all!
  • Nicole Condit Deer Thinking of you and sending prayers.
  • Elizabeth McMillan · Friends with Lorna Housenga
  • Many, many prayers your heart goes out to you all....
  • Dennis Tippie Ronn- my thoughts and prayers are with you and renee also
  • Dindy Robinson · Friends with Larriane Wills
  • I'm so sorry.
  • Hope Krasner-Hart Prayers sent, Your a strong woman Renee, I've known u to fight any thing or any challenge comes your way, u will beat this , stay strong girlfriend & be positive , prayer is a powerful thing when u have a lot of love behind it. And grandchildren are a gift from god who gives us strength and love to carry on ,my prayers are with u,
  • Ronn Brookshire I will update everyone about 3
  • Ronn Brookshire Ok, family has been notified. Renee has AML Leukemia. She starts chemo tonight and every other day. She will be staying at Banner Estrella hospital for at least 3 weeks. Moving to the 5th later today when as soon as a room is available. Keep her in your prayers.
  • Michelle Minton-Vandenberg    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO
  • Hope Krasner-Hart sending prayers
  • Ronn Brookshire Room 1506
  • Keith Callahan So sorry to hear this, will pray strongly for comfort and quick cure! My brother, Kary defeated this same disease recently and has now survived for 5 years so, keep your chin up. Love you, your good friend, Casey!
  • Keith Callahan [...]ars so, keep your chin up. Love you, your good friend, Casey!
  • Lorna Housenga Prayers are being said - Faith is being testing and strength of all will shine through.
  • Sheri Brookshire I'm so sorry, what a crappy Christmas present. I have, and will continue to pray for Nay's total recovery. Love you, try to stay strong. Please give her my Love.
Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire posted to Tawni Gray
November 29, 2012
Is everything ok? I heard about your mom, and I'm really sorry. I wish I could be there. But is everything ok with you?
  • Tawni Gray Yeah everything is fine. Just one of those days. Pretty upset. Just thinking too much I guess.
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire Hey I'm right there with u. I've been having those kind of days a lot lately. well I'm here if u wanna talk.
Jasmine Gray
November 29, 2012 near Buckeye
I'm the only one you can talk to and actually listen to what you have to say you're gonna throw that card?
alright, when you need me, expect a "fuck you"

  • Renee Elkins All of you need to relax. Everyone is stressed out and worried. We all deal with it differently. You all need to be there for each other and support each other. Try not to fight. I know its hard but sometimes it is easier to lash out in anger to show you are sad or hurting
  • Jason Lamb please listen to your mom, I don't know what this post is about, but, all this petty shit can be pushed to the side while your mom is dealing with the crap she is going through again
  • Ronn Brookshire Very true. Your arguing just upsets your mother
  • Keith Callahan The message I posted above is for both of you, including, love ya!
  • November 29, 2012 at 12:04pm · Like · 1

Round 1 Day 4

Penny Koontz
November 30, 2012
To my friend Renee Elkins. I super love you and am sending prayers your way!
Keith Callahan posted to Renee Elkins
November 30, 2012
Prayers still going out for good news regarding you!

Tawni Gray
November 30, 2012 near Buckeye
Worst day of my life.. first lymphoma, now leukemia? I love you mom.
I haven't seen you in like 2 days.. I wish I could come see you .. — with
Renee Elkins.

  • Ronn Brookshire where u at
  • Emily Marie omg I'm so sorry I'm praying for y'all Tawni!!!!!
  • Tawni Gray I'm at the new house. Ill probably be up there later today depending if Delilah is aloud to go.
  • Diane Clark I'm so sorry! God performs miracles though so never give up honey!
  • Crystal Hoisington Awwww:( I'm so sorry..prayers with you guys!
  • Anesa Barnard tell your mom I love her and ill pray for her
  • Sylvia Hoisington Lee So sorry!! Prayers for you all!
  • Tawni Gray Thank you everyone. We're going to need this.
  • Holly Milam My prayers are with you all if there is anything I can do just ask
  • Maggie Tuttle Potter I will keep your mom and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers.
  • Keith Callahan Tawni, I'm more than willing to come take you to see your Mom and watch Delilah while you visit. If you need anything that I can do, your grandpa has my phone number. Don't hesitate to call me if you want for anything. Love you all!
  • Ashlynn Charlet oh my god. Tawni, I'm here if you need anything, I'm praying for all of you.
  • Darcy Robertson Serrano So sorry:(. My heart breaks for your mom- she's been through a lot in recent years - but God is bigger than this and miracles happen all the time. I'll keep you all in prayers.
  • Shaina Ashley Sievwright I'm praying for you and your family. No one should have to go through this.
  • Lexi Bohanan prayin for you and your family.
tNatalie Mason
November 30, 2012 near Phoenix
Prayers go out to my close friends Tawni Gray and Jasmine Gray!
I love you guys and
Renee Elkins if you need ANYTHING please let me know
Tracy Elkins I'Anson
November 30, 2012 near Surprise
As many of you already know, my sister in law Renee Elkins earlier in the year was fighting a battle with lymphoma.
She has now been diagnosed with leukemia. I'm not one to ask for prayers, but my brother and his family could really use them right now.
She is a fighter and I know she will get thru this, but a little extra help wouldn't hurt.
Anesa Barnard
November 30, 2012
we as a family will fight, we as a family will pray, and we as a family became fighter, cuz when family unite we become the greatest support team that one family member needs. We Love Live And Fight Cause that is who we are, I love you Renee Elkins. I may be far away but prays have no miles between us. Get well!!!
Michelle Ouellette Castillo posted to Renee Elkins
November 30, 2012 via Blackberry Smart phones App
I love you. I meant what I said. I'm here. U need my parts, they're yours. We've been blood sisters for 30 years.
Let's make it for another 30. You are the toughest broad I know. And I love you with every cell in my body. *kiss*
Jessica Larson posted to Renee Elkins
November 30, 2012 near Sunnyslope via mobile
You can have my blood, bone marrow and even my hair if you want!!! I'll find out my blood type:)
Singer Holli posted to Renee Elkin
November 30, 2012
I love you Renee.. even though it has been many yrs apart, I am here with love, support and prayers.
If there is ANYTHING I can do, it will gladly be done. That's what family is all about!!! xoxo

Chulisa Kmetz
November 30, 2012
I love you so much Renee I'm so sorry this is happening to you,
I will be here for you you're a strong women please hang in there. — with
Renee Elkins.
  • Renee Elkins
  • November 30, 2012 via mobile
  • alright everyone here is the scoop..I have leukemia unfortunately that means it is in my bone marrow.
     My doc is dumbfounded she has never seen this come on so soon after remission if it does it usually takes 5-6 years to present its self.
    I will have a series of 6 treatments over the next 5 days at witch time they will do another biopsy. A bone marrow transplant is a must..
  • Singer Holli How does that work for someone like me who isn't in AZ???
  • Renee Elkins I will see if I can get info for your area
  • Elizabeth Mason Start drinking alkaline water! Also call this lady I think she can help you 4806035457. Olive Foxx
  • Singer Holli Thx Renee. I know my blood type just wonder if my Dr. could tell me anything????
  • Tracy Elkins I'Anson I will be there.
  • Renee Elkins Here is the web site
  • or call 1-800-627-7692 and they will be able to direct you to closest drive to you if there is one

  • Be The Match: Hope for patients with leukemia, lymphoma, blood cancer and sickle cell disease
  • Singer Holli Thx. calling them now
  • Crystal Hoisington Oh I Hope something works!!
  • Steve Polomsky I will be there lady!
  • Diane Clark I will call about my area! Not sure if id even be able to with my bouts in the past but will still check most definitely! Prayers a match is found tomorrow!
  • Geramie Malone Jarett and I are a part of the be the match registry would they be able to check that for our samples or should we come down tomorrow too?
  • Renee Elkins Not sure but text me your full names or id codes if that's what they give you and I will find out
  • Heidi Clark I am already on the list.
  • Renee Elkins Alright thanks
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo I'm there. But here. Keep me posted. Won't get any *ink* till we know u have another donor. Lol. Cuz I gotta keep it clean 4 ya!
April Busald
November 30, 2012
Renee Elkins
God gave you a promise that you wont have to face life alone…for when you grow weak in your struggles, His strength will prevail and not your own.

Leiana Waters posted to Renee Elkins
November 30, 2012 via mobile
I'm sorry to hear about your news renee my thought and prayers our with you and the family love always Leiana

Tamara Kinyon posted to Ronn Brookshire
November 30, 2012 near Mesa via mobile
I saw your post to Michelle.... Is that the prognosis? Leukemia?? Keith Callahan posted to Ronn Brookshire
November 30, 2012
I saw on the post that you have to be under 60. I was planning on coming but, if I can't be tested, I won't be there. I'm praying continually!
Tawni Gray
November 30, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
Planning on getting my bone marrow tested. Hopefully I can help my mom. November 30, 2012 near Phoenix
Prayers go out to my close friends Tawni Gray and Jasmine Gray! I love you guys and Renee Elkins if you need ANYTHING please let me know Kelsey Bellaire posted to Tawni Gray
November 30, 2012
hey I have o negative blood so if ur mom needs some I will be more than happy to donate to her... please let me know
Tawni Gray changed her profile picture.
November 30, 2012
  • Destiny Tilley I am so sorry to hear about your mom , But I will prey for her and your family ! (:
Tawni Gray
November 30, 2012
I love you, mom. hang in there.
Tawni Gray
November 30, 2012 near Buckeye
I never thought that anything like this could possibly happen. To me, my family, to my mother.. At this point I'm not in the right state of mind. It's like I'm on a dangerous roller coaster. A scary one actually. I feel Bipolar with this mind and emotions always raging inside of me. Feeling like I just need to drink everything off of my mind. My family doesn't deserve this. No one deserves this. But ya know what? My mother is a strong woman. The strongest I know. So I'm going to be strong for her. I haven't seen her for 3 days while she has been in the hospital. It's killing me not being able to be there with her. I feel like I need to protect her.. from all the dangers of this world. Every little thing.
  • Ashley Karr It's very hard Tawni I know how you feel, I sat in the hospital with my dad for a couple weeks just there for him before he passed away its the most terrible feeling in the world knowing your parent is hurting and sick stay strong beautiful girl, everything will be ok(:
  • Emily Marie ur mother is a very strong women! I'm praying for y'all
  • Katie Kirkwood Montgomery Why haven't you seen her? RUK take the baby
  • Tawni Gray I haven't seen her because the room my mom was in was on a floor that had sickness in the air and the nurse didn't want Delilah being there. but now she's on the cancer floor. Going to see her tomorrow.
  • Jay Slingluff if you need someone to talk to Tawni you know jarred and I are just a phone call away. I know its not the path you would have chosen but its a path you have to take. God is there for you and your mother. Just keep your faith and wits about you. I'm sorry.
  • Keith Callahan Keep your chin up, young lady and remember that my offer to be of help still stands! Praying for you constantly!
  • Michael Torrez if you have a strong positive state of mind hope and heart and u prey for your mom she will know u love her she will never be alone she's always gunna be in your heart
  • Rachel Cardwell Your mom is strong, she can make it through, you have to stay strong for her Tawni, you and your sister and even Delilah, she will push through this like she did last time, my heart and prayers are with you guys and if you need anything I am here for you, love you girlie, keep your head up and stay strong!
  • Danny Gaudette my prayers are with you and your mother
  • Jamie Sandell McClafferty Stay strong Tawni. She will beat this. She is a very strong woman!
  • Tawni Gray Thank you so much ya guys
  • Rachel Cardwell you have a ton of people by your side Tawni! (: be strong
Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire
November 30, 2012
I miss you and I wish I could be there to help and support the family in anyway possible.
 Even if its just to take Delilah off your hands for the day/night while you visit your Mama. — with
Tawni Gray.
  • Tawni Gray I miss you too you need to come down and spend time with the family!
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire I wish I could. But as of right now I'm too pregnant and too broke. I cant fly because I'm too far along and Kyle has my car. But if it wasn't for that, I would be out there around the 5th because I get time off then. But I promise I will try my hardest to be out there after Emma's born. It will be hard trying to fly with 2 babies, but Ill figure it out.
Jasmine Gray
November 30, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
As you all know, my mom is a survivor with lymphoma and was in remission for about 3 months. She's now been in the hospital for 4 days and she has now been diagnosed with leukemia. Bone marrow transplant is a must and if you guys are interested in helping, banner Estrella hospital is doing a FREE bone marrow drive tomorrow between 3 and 5. Please please please if you can help it would be so awesome and we will be so grateful for your support.
  • Michelle Minton-Vandenberg It is from 9 to 5
  • Anesa Barnard I wish I could give my donation but I don't think I can with being pregnant
  • Jasmine Gray asdf;lkj oops..
  • Renee Elkins It is between 9-5 tomorrow
  • Renee Elkins Love you
  • Jasmine Gray I love you too
  • Wendy Isaacson Are you completely asleep when they do this?
  • Savannah Mariah Kozlowski How old do you have to be?
  • Keith Callahan Need the location. I would also like some info about doing it!
  • Renee Elkins 91st and Thomas rd Banner Estrella
  • Savannah Mariah Kozlowski I want to help but I'm not sure if I'm old enough. what do they do to get the bone marrow?
  • Carol Oliverio You have to be between 18 and 60.
  • Miranda Schwebel I'm so sorry jasmine, I love you
  • Tabathia Malone Text me 602-317-0470
  • Sara Jessica Anne Mulder It's horrible. What kind?
  • Renee Elkins Aml I think
  • Sara Jessica Anne Mulder That's what my dad had..
  • Renee Elkins That freaks me out a little
  • Sara Jessica Anne Mulder I'm Sorry.
  • Keith Callahan I just saw where you have to be under 60, so sorry, I looked the procedure up on "google" and was going to come be tested but, I guess that won't work. My prayers are certainly with you, Renee!
  • Renee Elkins Just pray for me and you have nothing to be sorry about. I love you
  • Lauren McCoy I don't know if I can since I just donated blood this month but I'm gonna go and try anyways! You're mom is so strong! Ill spread the word about the drive.
  • Cody Tilley I wish your mom the best I would help if I was still in AZ but I moved to CA
  • Sara Jessica Anne Mulder I love you.
  • Jasmine Gray thank you guys for your support. hope to see some of you guys there
  • Hailey Renee Buck Do you have the direct number to get a hold of the department in charge.
  • Jasmine Gray the bone marrow drive department?
  • Jasmine Gray 1800-627-7692
  • Jasmine Gray and if you need the website its
  • Hailey Renee Buck This is Hailey's mom Tina. I went and register. I was told I could not sign up for your mom only. There is a lot involved to be a match for someone and a direct family member is the best match. Have you and your sister find out if you are able to donate. When signing up there is a 4 to 6 week waiting process they then call the donor if you are a match to someone needing bone marrow. My husband and I both registered but we are not sure if we would be a match for your mom. If you speak with her doctors and they are willing to see if we are a match we are happy to donate.
Jasmine Gray
November 30, 2012
I can't help but fall apart inside..
  • Keith Callahan Keep your chin and hopes up dear, my brother beat this disease 5 years ago and I feel your Mom is strong enough to do it also!
Shawn Elkins changed his profile picture.
November 30, 2012

Glenna Brookshire-Morris changed her profile picture.
November 30, 2012

Round 1 Day 5

Renee Elkins
December 1, 2012 via mobile
I miss Delilah May Tawni Gray and Jasmine Gray Michelle Ouellette Castillo posted to Renee Elkins
December 1, 2012 via Blackberry Smart phones App
I f'n LOVE you Ne! Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 1, 2012
We need all the people we can get in good health between the ages of 18 and 44 to come get on the Bone
Marrow donation list to see if you are a match for Renee Elkins at Banner Estrella Hospital in the main lobby. They will be there until 5 pm Ken Sainz posted to Renee Elkins
December 1, 2012 via mobile
Renee; Thank You for the comment on my post yesterday. Glad to know there is at least one individual who understands the english language and sentence structure.
To those that cant, I believe they offer that class at local city colleges. Thanks for the support Renee.
Renee Elkins
December 1, 2012 via mobile
  • George Echelberger Anytime mom I hope you feel better
  • Anthony Francisco You are truly loved!!!!!!!!!
  • Tawni Gray I'd do anything to help you, mom. Love you
  • Kaysha Barnard I love u just keep ur head up like u been doin ur so awesome I love u and miss u and I pray for u hugs and kisses
  • Crystal Hoisington You are blessed in so many ways! You have lots of Angels over you! Big Hugs! Hope something works for you! You are in my payers!
  • Richard Kasting Jr. Anything when it comes to "family". Stand by one another's side no matter what....
  • Renee Elkins Sorry I missed you Richard but, I just wanted to say thanx to you and Nicole for coming down
  • Richard Kasting Jr. You don't have to thank us sweetie.... Luv ya!
Renee Elkins
December 1, 2012 via mobile
Glad today is over. That last half was pretty rough. I'm just thankful for pain meds, gotta say I'm feelin really good right now
  • Katrinaa Collazo I'm praying for you mom
  • Anthony Francisco That's good to here! I pray that you have a food restful night
  • Sandra Yorgensen I'm glad that u are feeling a little better then what u where earlier
  • Lorna Housenga So many prayers - prayer list - friends from India and Africa are prayer for you. Fight the good fight, sweetie. Get rest and behave yourself. God Bless.
  • Tracy Elkins I'Anson Glad the meds are finally kicking in
  • Tamara Kinyon So glad your feeling better. Prayers and love!
  • Cathy Moore Bill, Cieanna & I are praying for you ,we all Love you
Sheri Brookshire shared Jennifer Rude-Little's photo.
December 1, 2012
Anything that could help? For Nay, I can't stop thinking about her ?
I could use a little luck in my life!!

Hailey Renee Buck
December 1, 2012
My mom is going to donate to try and help Tawni Gray and Jasmine Gray mom i hope it all works out.
  • Brandon Gray thats cool for why tho? is if for the baby?
  • Jasmine Gray Brandon its because my mom is diagnosed with leukemia. Hailey tell your mom I said thank you so much!
  • Brandon Gray oh I'm so sorry i didn't know i wish i could help she's in my prayers tho
Tawni Gray
I am now a bone marrow donor
  • Kristine Jenkins-Torres Me, too!!!
  • Tawni Gray I'm sad that I didn't get to see you guys today
  • Kristine Jenkins-Torres Us, too. Norbert got tested too!
  • Tawni Gray That's good! Thank you guys so much for coming down, mom loved seeing you guys
  • Renee Clark I donate plasma, which assists in making medication for cancer patients. Did they do a spinal tap when you got tested? What is involved in the process.
  • I may do that as well.
  • Renee Clark If no one said it..thanks for helping save lives!!
  • Keith Callahan Renee Clark, if you go to google and search, you will find all of your questions answered about the surgical process of donating bone marrow.
  • I researched it and was going to be tested today but, found out I'm over the age limit. I continue to pray for Renee Elkins though.
Hailey Renee Buck
December 1, 2012
My mom is going to donate to try and help Tawni Gray and Jasmine Gray mom i hope it all works out.
  • Brandon Gray thats cool for why tho? is if for the baby?
  • Jasmine Gray Brandon its because my mom is diagnosed with leukemia. Hailey tell your mom I said thank you so much!
  • Brandon Gray oh I'm so sorry i didn't know i wish i could help she's in my prayers though
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 1, 2012
We need all the people we can get in good health between the ages of 18 and 44 to come get on the Bone Marrow donation list to see if you are a match for Renee Elkins at Banner Estrella Hospital in the main lobby. They will be there until 5 pm. Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 1, 2012
Just 2 more hours to come down and sign up to be a bone marrow donor!

Round 1 Day 6

Sheri Brookshire shared Samuel Greenberg's photo.
December 2, 2012
Love you sweetheart. Prayers everyday for you to get home soon and recovery swift.

Renee Elkins
December 2, 2012 via mobile
  • Tawni Gray sorry i couldn't come down today. I'll be down tomorrow sometime morning or afternoon with Delilah and shay's mom.
  • Sandra Yorgensen Welcome Renee love you
  • Ellen Carver Renee, you are so love and you have everyone's prayers
  • Lorna Housenga Prayer are being said, from around the world, bases covered. Love ya
  • Marc Adelman Love you and miss you.
Tawni Gray
December 2, 2012 near Buckeye
What a perfect personality! I love her so muuuuch! — with Renee Elkins and 9 others.
Renee Elkins
December 3, 2012 via mobile
Just made my first cup of coffee THANK YOU Tracy Elkins I'Anson it is AWESOME Renee Elkins shared Canc Ersucks's photo.
December 3, 2012
Guess who is the designated charity for the Tulsa New Year Party??? Yes...It is CANCER SUCKS! Be there and help us
celebrate the record setting amount of money we will donate to cancer research in 2012 and the great things to come for 2013!
  • Round 1 Day 7

Life Isn't Fair...By Renee.....Link

Renee Elkins
December 3, 2012 via mobile
To my residents and my friends/ co-workers at bethesda gardens I know you are worried about me and I love you all for it. Please just send your prayers and positive thoughts my way. I don't know how long I will be out. But I will be back. I LOVE ALL OF YOU
  • Ellen Carver Renee, you are so loved and you are in everyone's prayer. Hang in there girl you are one tough cookie
  • Rosanda Vrucinic love u girl be strong
  • Renee Elkins Miss you Rosa
  • Maria Del Socorro Avalos I love you and God first I know you will come back we miss you take care
  • Marc Adelman Renee, we all love you and miss you. I will pray for a speedy recovery.
  • Renee Elkins Marc if you wanted to you could print this post up and give some of them to the residents or you can at least relay what I said because what I wrote is especially for them. Hope you know how much I love and appreciate everything you do for me
  • Renee Elkins I will be private messaging you about Hanukkah cards
  • Marc Adelman Renee, you mean the world to me. Thanks for saying what you said. That means a lot to me. I will be happy to relay your message to the residents. If there is anything I can ever do for you, just let me know. Betty's in tears each and everyday. We are all thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. Take care and keep in touch.
  • Renee Elkins Well I hope you know you all mean the world to me.
  • Marc Adelman Thanks, Renee. I hope you can make it to the resident staff party next week. Praying for a speedy recovery. Luv you much.
Tawni Gray
December 3, 2012 near Young America West
Delilah and grandma. Delilah gets so happy seeing my mom — with Renee Elkins and Delilah May. (4 photos)
Kendra Ghoston posted to Tawni Gray
December 3, 2012
How is your mom doing? And you?
  • Tawni Gray She seems to be doing alight. She's on the heart monitor right now but she seems to be doing good.
  • Tawni Gray And I'm alright, just one of those irritating days lol
  • Kaela Ross I try

Round 1 Day 8

Renee Elkins shared Sarcastic Mama's photo.
December 4, 2012
  • Shawn Elkins Good morning sweetheart how you feeling?
  • Renee Elkins My whole body hurts today. I'm waiting for Glenna to get here and go on a walk with me
  • Tamara Kinyon Sorry your feeling so yucky! Love you!
  • Renee Elkins Love you too. You need to get better so you can come see me. Feel better
  • Tamara Kinyon I'm drinking all my green tea and emergency!! I think I'll be fine by this weekend. I really want to come see you!!! I know how it feels to be stuck in the stupid hospital!!
  • Shawn Elkins Be sure you take s wheelchair on your walk. Love you
  • Renee Elkins I know
  • Carolyn Aldana I used to pray for patience until He kept sending me tests to pass
Katrinaa Collazoposted to Renee Elkins
December 4, 2012
TBH - where to start... YOU ARE THE STRONGEST BRAVEST MOST AMAZING WOMAN I KNOW. I cherish you in my life. You're a huge role in my life and have been for years. You're like my mom... i stayed up almost all night when i found out what you were going thru crying praying and swearing at God.
you don't deserve to be going through this. it isn't fair sitting here being healthy when you're so sick i wish i could take it all away and you can be healthy again. you mean so much to me and idk what i would do if i were to lose you. you gave me some of the BEST friends i have EVER had. you are so so blessed to have such amazing daughters. so THANK YOU for being who you are and doing everything you've ever done for me even if i don't deserve it.
i wish i could take so many things back bad that I've done to your family... /: i haven't always been the best but i swear i'ma do whatever to help you guys i love you mom, please get better soon p.s. idk if there is a lot of typos I'm sorry i was crying when i wrote this xD
  • Renee Elkins No worries sweetie it was BEAUTIFULLY written. I hope you know that I do Love you through both the good and the bad. You are growing into a strong independent women. Just keep good thoughts for me. Its all going to be alright.
  • Katrinaa Collazo You've taught me well.
Ronn Brookshire
December 4, 2012
To Renee Elkins

Ronn Brookshire

December 4, 2012
She is finally sleeping. Bad day. Changing pain meds from 3 hours to 2 1/2 hours. Tawni Gray
December 4, 2012
Delilah loves papa — with Renee Elkins and 2 others at Banner Estrella Medical Center.

Ronn Brookshire

December 4, 2012
U missed Santa by 10 minutes Tawni Gray Shawn Elkins changed his profile picture.
December 4, 2012
  • Anesa Barnard i kills me to see you like this
  • Shawn Elkins Thx Anesa
  • Carol Oliverio I really breaks my heart! I hate what ur going thru Renee! I would do anything to make it go away! Anything!!!! I love you!
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 4, 2012 via mobile
I wish there was a way I can just take her pain away Glenna Brookshire-Morris shared Just for Once, I want Someone to be Afraid of Losing Me.'s photo.
December 4, 2012

Round 1 Day 9

Sheri Brookshire shared Love is like life. No path is so clear, No step is so easy's photo.
December 5, 2012
Just a little hug I found on the website you shared today I like it, I love you and I pray everyday for your comfort and recovery
For more heart touching stuff .....
Love is like life. No path is so clear, No step is so easy

Renee Elkins
December 5, 2012
sleeping beauty

Renee Elkins
December 5, 2012
Ronn Brookshire
December 5, 2012
Thank you Lord, she's much better today Tawni Gray
December 5, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
So upset. Now I can't even call my mom every morning to see how she's doing.
  • Tammy Mort Praying for u babe.
  • Samrunsthroughamajestic Fieldofbubbles I understand stand how you feel Tawni. it hurts and it makes it so hard not to cry everyday. I don't pray, but I'll pray for your mom (:
  • Renee Elkins Why cant you call me?
  • Shawn Elkins Do you want me to get my old phone activated now?
  • Renee Elkins We can always get my old one activate
  • Shawn Elkins Ya.that's what I was thinking. Jasmine already has mine
  • George Echelberger What happen to her phone?
  • Tawni Gray I guess so. I just won't be able to get any of my numbers out of my phone.
  • Shawn Elkins They might be able to
  • Tawni Gray So who is bringing me? Or am I just going to have to get the phone and activate it over phone?
  • Shawn Elkins I'll go home get the phone come get you and Delilah take you to Verizon. then if we have time will go see your mom real quick
  • Shawn Elkins Can you send me your address so I can put it in my phone
  • Shawn Elkins I'll be picking you up in about an hour
  • Tawni Gray Sorry dad, I fell asleep
  • Shawn Elkins Can you call me
  • Tawni Gray Mmmm ill see if anyone is awake
  • Tawni Gray No one is awake..
  • Shawn Elkins I can't find your moms old phone here do you know where it might be
  • Tawni Gray Probably in Alexus room somewhere. Like in a bucket behind her mirror or on her dresser.
  • Shawn Elkins Mom said she gave it back but your mom doesn't know where she put it so I'm waiting on your mom to find out what she wants me to do
  • Shawn Elkins I'll be there by 1 be ready
  • Tawni Gray Alright I had Kyle text you our address

Round 1 Day 10

Alexuss Gray
December 6, 2012 near Buckeye
okay everyone ,look Mason Lussier was NOT laughing at my moms cancer. he cares about my mom and her health and he tells her goodnight and he hopes she feels and sleeps good every night. he's not that fucked up okay? it would be much appreciated if you guys can stop threatening him  and yes we have been fighting a lot lately and we are trying to get better. he has apologized for what he has done and he said he's going to be here for me. he's going to support me and my mom. He said he's going to be here more than he was and he's going to prove it. i know you guys are worried and concerned with me but i would like to handle my own problems. i know my family is worried and i really appreciate them being here and supporting me but i think i got this now. thank you guys
  • Renee Elkins It is your business and your relationship but that DOES NOT AND WILL NOT mean we have to like it. I hope he truly means what he has said and it works out for you. But unfortunately he has crossed a line with most if us. He likes to play head games with you. And that IS NOT OKAY EVER AND IT REALLY ISN'T OKAY WITH ME BEING IN THE HOSPITAL. I Love you Boo and I will always be there to pick you back up. You're sisters will always be there as well.
  • Alexuss Gray i love you to Mom and thank you
Renee Elkins
December 6, 2012 via mobile
  • Tawni Gray How about forever!? That sounds pretty good to me.
  • Katrinaa Collazo Who am I killing?
  • Renee Elkins You aren't killing anyone sweetie. This isn't even about you. Its about Mason.
  • Katrinaa Collazo Ahhh. I see now.
  • Kylee Kirkwood What?! what happened?! :|
  • Tawni Gray Mason is being a dick hole to Alexus. Like always.
  • Kylee Kirkwood She needs to say goodbye to him.. If he can't be there for her right now then your moms right, he shouldn't be there at all.
  • Kylee Kirkwood and for the record Renee, you don't sound like you're being a b**** at all. Lol
  • guys I love you. Meds really starting to kick it
  • Katrinaa Collazo Goodnight Love youuuu.
  • Kylee Kirkwood Night love you!!
  • Tawni Gray I love you too mom, see you later
  • Tina Vaughn-Stiteler Renee....I NEED to get my frustration out - need some help??? LOL Keep ur chin up beautiful lady......TONS AND TONS of prayers are being sent your way!!!!
  • Holly Milam Good for you Renee Elkins some one needed to say that to him
  • Gordon S. Byrd Ne'Ne. I'm here if u need me. In reference to what ur talking about!
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo Listen, "Mason" I don't know you, nor do I wish to, but I swear, you'd better back the f**k off my niece, or you will have the wrath of TWO B*tchs on your ass! #means it.
  • Jason Lamb Don't worry every body, i WILL take care of this stupid little shit
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo Ty. Cuz I was about to have to go medieval on some little punk ass!
  • Rachel McFadden Nae, you sound like a mother to me. Love ya
Renee Elkins
December 6, 2012
Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire
December 6, 2012
I wish I could be there for my family right now. I know there's not much I can do whether I'm here or there, but just as moral support. I love you all and no matter where I'm living, I will always be there for every single one of you.

To my family members and close friends,
Kyles Aunt is in the hospital, not so sure on how she's doing at the moment.
But please send your love and prayers her way. She could really use it right now.

I love you
Renee Elkins. I am so sorry that this is happening to you. You are strong and beautiful and I know you will pull through. Your a fighter and your family still needs you here. You have a very strong, close, and loving family. You are amazing. I know you can get through this and anything else life throws your way.
Ronn Brookshire
December 6, 2012 near Glendale
Time to take a shower, then go to Laura Gentile Shalleys' funeral services then spend the rest of the day with my beautiful daughter Renee Elkins at Banner Estrella Hospital Tina Vaughn-Stiteler shared Poopsie's photo.
December 6, 2012
For you beautiful are in my thoughts and prayers!

Ronn Brookshire
December 6, 2012
Renee Elkins update.
Chemo is done for the present.
Her blood palettes are low, which is what the doctors expected.
She will be under observation for 2 weeks to make sure she doesn't catch any bugs.

If everything is as expected after the next marrow sample r\the none marrow transplant will be scheduled
  • Misty Marie Prayers to all f you....
  • Ellen Carver ok now renee, you gotta take care of yourself and not catch any ole nasty bug so you can have the transplant
  • Rachel McFadden Thanks Ronn for the update. I live so far out, I can only go see her on the weekend. I will try to get over there before or after the girls birthday party. Love ya Nae Nae
  • Suzi Hale Thanks for the update, Ron. So she will be in the hospital for at least another two weeks? Renee is in our thoughts and prayers daily. Plz tell her we are thinking of her and praying for her.
  • Ronn Brookshire She reads all the comments that everyone leaves. At times she starts crying because she can't believe she is so lucky to have so many people praying for her. She tells me she doesn't even know everyone. Keep them coming.
Michelle Ouellette Castilloposted to Renee Elkins
December 6, 2012 via BlackBerry Smartphones App

Round 1 Day 11

Renee Elkins
December 7, 2012 via mobile
Praying today is going to be a good day. That's all I ask is for today be a good one Keith Callahan
December 7, 2012
Sharing this in honor of Renee Elkins who is currently fighting the good fight and in memory of Robin and Arna who sorrowfully lost that
battle and for all others who are fighting at this time or who have been taken before their time by this horrible malady! We need to find a cure, please!
  • Renee Elkins Thank you Casey
  • Keith Callahan You're very welcome. I hope you have a real good day with the minimum of discomfort. Praying for you!
Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 7, 2012 near Glendale
You have your choice. Which one do you want?

Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins

December 7, 2012
Renee Elkins
December 7, 2012 via mobile
I miss all my girls especially jass i haven't seen you in forever — with Tawni Gray and 3 others at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
  • Katrinaa Collazo i wanna come see you... when are visiting hours?
  • Renee Elkins You can come when ever you want there aren't visiting hour
  • Katrinaa Collazo Okay Good. I'll see if I can come today if not tomorrow for sure. mom & dad wish yowell and they give you their love
  • Elizabeth Mason Praying for you:)
  • Tawni Gray Gonna try and get some gas money today. Katrina we can bring you if you want
  • Katrinaa Collazo I would love that. I can try to get some $. What time?
  • Tawni Gray I'm not sure what time yet, gotta talk to jasmine
  • Katrinaa Collazo Okay just let me know.
  • Renee Elkins Yes i miss you to little miss Chulisa Kmetz hope you are having fun
  • Jasmine Gray Katrinaa Collazo we’ll pick you up on our way. mom, I'm gonna clean the house real quick and then well be on our way so probably an hour or 2. love you mom. I'm sorry i haven't seen you in like 4 days
  • Renee Elkins Well you should be. I miss you mote than you know
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 7, 2012
Renee Elkins
We are sorry if you have a problem or are offended by the word FxCK! We have a problem and are offended by the word CANCER, especially when it has killed so many countless loved ones! Why do we say FxCK CANCER? Well, WALK a mile in our shoes, see what we see, hear what we hear, feel what we feel, THEN maybe you'll understand, 'till then don't judge us! -FxC

WHO DO YOU SAY "FxCK CANCER" FOR? Give those who are lost, loved, and currently in the FIGHT a SHOUT OUT!!!

Ronn Brookshire
December 7, 2012 near Young America West
It's amazing, when Renee Elkins is feeling good you almost forget about the leukemia. Then you look around and see where you are. The sad feeling returns and you push it away
She will beat tell yourself and the happy feeling returns.
  • Ronn Brookshire Need to check before I post. She will beat this, you tell yourself and the happy feeling returns
  • Larriane Wills understood the way you had it the first time. can understand the feeling too every time i see a pic of her with a smile on her face.
  • Ellen Carver we know what you mean
  • Shawn Elkins I know what you mean...
  • Sheri Brookshire Yes, she will, Bless her heart
Patricia Polomsky
December 7, 2012
I LOVE YOU Renee Elkins!!!!
Love you NeNe!
Photo: Love you NeNe!

Round 1 Day 12

Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 near Young America West via mobile
I'm so sleepy but cant sleep. I want more pain meds but I don't think its time yet .fml Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 near Young America West via mobile
still cannot sleep fml. Cant hardly read I'm guessing that has something to do with the fact I can't sleep. I suppose I am going to ask for sleeping pills. Maybe I will get some sleep. OK I'm done with my pity party
Lol hope you all had a great time..... I know I'm an idiot blah blah blah
  • Zachariah Robertson how long have you been in there ?
  • Renee Elkins Nov 27th
  • Diane Clark Hush lil Renee don't you cry ....Diane's gonna sing you a lullaby ....and if that lullaby don't put you to sleep ....ill bite your toe and make you...ah...weep ...heehee there hope that helped
  • Ken Clark Just got up sleep either! Hope ur fast asleep by now!
  • Diane Clark I've been up since 5! So i just woke the boyfriend up lol. Told him this is your schedule so get up haha!
  • Renee Elkins Lol that totally made me laugh thank you Diane
  • Diane Clark Hope i didn't wake you with my howling
  • Tamara Kinyon Not sure if you know this but I'm a Mind Body Wellness practitioner and aromatherapy is one of my modalities so I'm going to make you some lotion that will help you relax. I'll bring it on Sunday. :)) love you!!
  • Renee Elkins Sounds good I Love You Tamara
  • Tamara Kinyon Oh my sweet friend I love you tons!! I wish I lived closer I'd be there every single day!!
  • Cathy Moore We all Love you ,
  • Cathy Moore and Praying for you Renee
Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 near Glendale
Just finished trimming and mowing front lawn. Be there as soon as I take a shower. Love ya Jill Gatta
December 8, 2012
4 all my family and loved ones especially Renee Elkins

Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 near Young America West via mobile
  • Roxanne Goad Feel better, Renee. You have my thoughts and prayers, always.
  • Tamara Kinyon Love you love you!!!
  • Crystal Hoisington Love you too! Just keep strong and prayers are still coming your way for a good recovery! Big hugs!
  • Marc Adelman We all love you, too, Renee. I'm praying for a speedy recovery. We all miss you down here. Betty is in tears. You mean a lot to all of us. Jessica will be collecting all your gifts at the Staff party I'm putting on. Love you much.
  • Cheri Gray Hang in there Renee! We love you and are praying for you.
  • Cheryl Fry So,so sorry to hear the bad news, you don't deserve any of this. But you are a tough, tough gal and you will kick it's ass again! My thoughts and prayers are with you and wish nothing but the best, as you deserve. Hang in there!
Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 via mobile
I Love all of you Tawni Gray Jasmine Gray Alexuss Gray Katelynne Scott Chulisa Kmetz
  • Tawni Gray I love you too mom
  • Suzi Hale lots of love and many many prayers for you, renee! <3<3<3
  • Suzi Hale you all (the bowling league) really came together and helped us out when we needed it, just wish there was more we could do for u other than pray! and...those prayers are going out constantly!
Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 via mobile
I want a strawberry cheesecake blizzard with some hot fudge from DQ Trina D Tate-Hughes posted to Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012
Sorry I haven't been around, but know that I'm only a text away. Hope you get better soon.

Ronn Brookshire
December 8, 2012 near Young America West
Please don't bring any flowers or live plants to Renee Elkins is room. As of this morning they are not allowed. Thank you
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Bone marrow soon?
  • December 8, 2012 at 7:27pm
  • Ronn Brookshire Her palates and blood count need to go higher. I guess the pollen in plants can cause her to get sick. The oncologist said she wanted to do another marrow sample in about 12 days. if things look good then they will schedule it.
Renee Elkins
December 8, 2012 via mobile
My husband (Shawn Elkins) is getting ready to go out on a date with Jessica Larson hope they have fun Round 1 Day 13
Renee Elkins
December 9, 2012 via mobile
December 9, 2012 via mobile
Just getting started on a platelet transfusion. Doc says this is a good thing Ronn Brookshire
December 9, 2012
Thank you all for the prayers you have sent Renee Elkins.

Round 1 Day 14

Renee Elkins
December 10, 2012 via mobile
I'm so bored my tv and internet went out around 5-6 this morning so no hbo go or hulu plus!! Ronn Brookshire
December 9, 2012
Been decent morning. She is getting a platelet transfusion right now. All the nurses here are great. She is smiling and that is all that counts

Renee Elkins
December 10, 2012 via mobile
I'm so bored my tv and internet went out around 5-6 this morning so no hbo go or hulu plus!! Renee Elkins
December 10, 2012 via mobile
I sure do miss my kids and grandkid — with Tawni Gray and 3 others. Michelle Ouellette Castillo
I love Renee Elkins. And that's that! — with Renee Elkins

Jasmine Gray
Movie night with my mom. — with Renee Elkins.
Ronn Brookshire changed his profile picture.

Ronn Brookshire
Fever and pain are up today. Nurses say this is normal. She misses children. Shawn went home to pick Alexuss up. The twins and Delilah are coming later. She says she wants to do something, the bed is boring. More later Tawni Gray
December 10, 2012 near Young America West via mobile
It's like a mask that I put on every morning. Not knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. Hoping for the rest of today. This mask hides everything.
How sad and scared i truly am. I do a good job of hiding it, especially in front of my mother. She thinks I don't know what's all going on. But I do. Everything
I hear about what's going on, I research it so I wouldn't have to ask. Not wanting to be so involved in what's going on here. I'm in denial. I can't help but
feel the way I do. I'm here at the hospital just wishing I wasn't here. Wishing I had my mother back at home all safe and healthy. just so I wouldn't have
I keep putting this dang mask on every morning..
  • Tawni Gray I love you too mom, more than you will ever know.
  • Ronn Brookshire I was going to talk to u girls. I' m here if u need me
  • Kaylee Dawn You and your mother will make it through this, Tawni. God doesn't give you anything you can't handle. I don't know if you believe in the Bible, but if you get the chance, look up James 5:13-16 and Matthew 9:27-31. It will truly touch your heart. I have FAITH that God will heal your mother. You will be surprised by how amazing and strong the power of prayer is. I have prayed for you and your family numerous times, not just when she has been sick. I don't know you or your family that well, but if you listen to anything I say, listen to the part where I say have faith and pray. Your mother will become better and she will regain her health, it's just to you to give it to The Lord and trust that he will take care of her. He has done great things in your life, Tawni. Look at the beautiful baby girl he has blessed you with. Where do you think you get your strength and will power from? From God. God is right there beside you and your daily, guiding you guys and never leaving your side. I PROMISE you, have faith and let Him work in your lives and He will bless you all tremendously!
  • Renee Clark Amen Kaylee!
  • Larriane Wills you're strength is showing as well as your love
  • Arlen Ray Keen You know about God. You've heard it in church. Trust in him to see you through this, He will. He'll never leave you. He'll never forsake you.
Tawni Gray
December 10, 2012 near Young America West
Thank you mom for remembering that I've always wanted one of these

Kaylee Dawn
December 10, 2012
Hello Facebook. I'm making a special prayer request for Tawni Gray's mother. She is sick with a few unnamed problems, and I just ask that you all lift her and her family up in prayer. Pray that Tawni will have faith in The Lord that he will lead this family through their tough times. God never leaves his people's side, so pray that her mother will give her illness to The Lord and let him take over. I pray all these things tonight, and I ask that you will too. Thank you! (I am only tagging people that come to mind, I'm sorry if I miss you!) — with Tawni Gray and 11 others. Round 1 Day 15
Matthew Norris posted to Renee Elkins
December 11, 2012 near Roles Inn of America
well hello there long lost friend lol. I hope everything is well at the old folks home. Renee Elkins
December 11, 2012 via mobile
Macaroni grill sounds awesome Ronn Brookshire
December 11, 2012
Ok, time for a Renee Elkins update:
Fever is up and down but controllable. Was started on 1 of 2 blood infusions about 11:30. This helps raise red and white cells.
X-rays showed that she possibly has pneumonia. They have started antibiotics for this. So now she has 2 infusions going
Renee was craving pasta so I went to Romano's Macaroni Grill for her and brought her back lunch.
Looks like she is sleeping right now.
More later.
Jill Gatta posted to Renee Elkins
thinking of u all day everyday.....wishing u serenity.....

Round 1 Day 16

December 12, 2012 near Buckeye
Dear Cancer,
Kindly fuck off and leave my family alone. Thanks.

Ronn Brookshire
December 12, 2012 near Young America West
Today has been a pretty decent day. Renee Elkins is white and red blood cell count is normal. Her platelet count is still low.
Platelets are produced in the bone marrow and help control bleeding, i.e., blood clotting.
The Dr. said she will be here another 10 days. After that we don't know. It's just a waiting game now.
All for today.
Wanda Lovejoy posted to Renee Elkins
December 12, 2012
Hello Renee, I'm back on Facebook. I've been out of touch for awhile, but please know that we are praying for you and asking the God of miracles heal you completely. I know you are a fighter. I will stay in touch. Love you. Wanda
  • Renee Elkins Thank you I hope both Floyd and You know how much you guys truly mean to me. You didn't turn your backs on me when I fell into drugs. When you had every right to. You were there the moment I found out I was having girls when I was in a very emotional labor. Anyways my point being you guys are my family. You all have been there through both the good and the bad. I have grown up with you. I am who I am today in part to you guys. You both have given me unconditional love even though I didn't deserve it at times I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH
Renee Elkins
December 12, 2012
Love you even though I look like a doofus — with Jessica Larson at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
Love this lady!!! — with Renee Elkins at Banner Estrella Hospital.
  • Marc Adelman That is such a great picture of the two of you. I love to see Renee's happy smile. Thanks for sharing and you don't look like a doofus.
  • Crystal Hoisington You look happy and Beautiful;)
  • Matthew Norris Stay strong girl! You'll get through this in no time!
  • Anthony Francisco Good night sunshine!! Your not a doofus! Remember you are sitting in Gods hand! Try to sleep tonight
  • Deanna Ashton How you doin beautiful
  • Renee Elkins Doing pretty good all things considered. How are you doing?
  • Robbie Traversone Tell her she is in my prayers!
  • Carolyn Aldana hi Renee you look wonderful in this picture, keep up your spirits and know that you are in my prayers always
Tamara Kinyon posted to Renee Elkins
December 12, 2012 near Gilbert via mobile
I love love love you!!!! Shawn Elkins shared Renee Elkins's status.
December 12, 2012
Just getting started on a platelet transfusion. Doc says this is a good thing

Round 1 Day 17

Renee Elkins
December 13, 2012
Just wanted to show off my hair while I still can I will be wearing different headbands each day — with Tawni Gray and 10 others.
Ronn Brookshire
December 13, 2012 near Young America West
Renee Elkins update
For the past couple of days her mouth has been sore and the right side of her face is swollen. Needless to say eating has been a chore.

This morning the pain was so bad she needed pain meds so she could finish eating. They are now going to give her Lydocain(sic) 5 minutes before she eats.
All for now.
Tawni Gray
December 13, 2012 near Buckeye
Just got done skyping with my mom. delilah had fun talking to grandma — with Renee Elkins and 4 others. Renee Elkins
December 13, 2012 via mobile
update unfortunately I an running a temperature I told the that my ears are hot and asked them to take my temp because something is wrong.
Well I was right it was 102.2 which is WAY TO HIGH if I reach 100.4. It is just a waiting game now
  • Anthony Francisco I will be praying for you!
  • Marilyn N Shaun Are you going to be ok?
  • Renee Elkins I'm sure I will be fine its just I don't have an immune system right now so a temp is a big deal
  • Marilyn N Shaun Oh I am sorry I hope you get better so and plz keep the updates going I like seeming that you are ok hope you get better soon and kick cancers ass lol
  • Tamara Kinyon Oh man, that's no bueno. I hope you start feeling better. Love you
  • Jasmine Gray hang in there mom...
  • Renee Elkins Temp is down to 101.2 so its on its way down
  • Crystal Hoisington Oh good! I'm glad its dropping!!! Still high tho:( hang in there mommy! Prayers coming your way!
  • Cathy Moore Love you
  • Renee Elkins It is down to 99
  • Crystal Hoisington Yay! That is better!
  • Renee Elkins It has just spiked to 102 again
  • Montse Grim It will go down. I will keep you in my prayers. I know I haven't talked to you much, but I have been keeping up with the stories on FB.
  • Keep fighting! You are going to get through this and go home!
  • Jasmine Gray you're strong mom, you'll make it through this!
  • Renee Elkins I'm going to get some rest and I will definitely keep you posted
  • Deanna Ashton Love you
  • Jasmine Gray love you mom
  • Renee Elkins My temp spiked again 102 that makes 3 times tonight but its on its way down my last time it was 100.0
  • Jasmine Gray how is your temp right now? have you tried putting a cold rag on your forehead and eating ice?
  • Renee Elkins Its down it to 100
Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 13, 2012 near Glendale
Got ur shirts Ronn Brookshire
December 13, 2012
I am in the process of setting up a bowling and bake sale fundraiser for Renee Elkins. As you all know she just beat Lymphoma and now has AML Leukemia.
I haven't set a date yet but it ill be in January.
Richard Kasting Jr. and Jim Dempsey are going to talk to bowling ball manufactures and local pro shops for donations to raffle off.
Pat Cook at Christown Lanes has offered a special price for the use of the lanes.
Need some great cooks for the bake sale.
Looking for volunteers to help me as I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Darrell Potter send me an address Ronn & I'll send you a little something to help out. The private message part if that's acceptable]
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire I would love to bake tons of things for you guys. I'm sorry we are not there to help out Papa. I truly wish I could.
  • Ronn Brookshire It's the thought that counts
  • Ellen Carver count me in to help with the baking
  • Donna Raskin I will bake
  • Jasmine Gray count me in!
  • Darcy Robertson Serrano I can help bake - just need time in advance to make sure I can be there in person
  • Rachel McFadden You are being a wonderful father Ronn. I can bake something Ron, just keep me posted. When, where and how much. I will keep praying for our girl Nae Nae.
  • Denise Spaulding We will help. Let me know when it is so we can have something there for you.
  • Theodore L Murphey RONN. we are sorry to hear that Renee is sick again. Your friends, Ted & Sherry Murphey. Let us know when U have the fundraiser ready. We will help. lol!!
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December 13, 2012

Tawni Gray

December 13, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
"During chemo, you're more tired than you've ever been. It's like a cloud passing over the sun, and suddenly you're out. You don't know how you'll answer the door when your groceries are delivered. But you also find that you're stronger than you've ever been. You're clear. Your mortality is at optimal distance, not up so close that it obscures everything else, but close enough to give you depth perception. Previously, it has taken you weeks, months, or years to discover the meaning of an experience. Now it's instantaneous."
  • Round 1 Day 18 
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 14, 2012
Sitting here with Renee Elkins watching A Christmas Story. Renee Elkins
December 14, 2012
Rockin the head band — with Glenna Brookshire-Morris.
Kylee Kirkwood posted to Renee Elkins
December 14, 2012 via mobile
I miss you Sooo much! I promise ill come are you soon! Jasmine Gray
December 14, 2012 near Buckeye
Getting ready to leave the house to go see my mooooom — with Renee Elkins and 2 others.

Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 13, 2012 near Glendale
Got ur shirts

Ronn Brookshire
December 14, 2012 via DROID.
December 14, 2012 near Young America West
Supporting my mom
Round 1 Day 19
Renee Elkins
December 15, 2012
What a beautiful rainbow right outside my window I am truly blessed
  • Susan Mary Parks Beautiful shot Ne! Hope it's a great day for you sweets!
  • Ken Clark Must have been just for you!
  • Renee Clark R u still in the hospital? My prayers and thoughts go out to you and your family.
  • Renee Clark Rainbows are created by god.. Sending sunshine your way.
  • Renee Elkins Yes I am still in the hospital going to be here to at least the 21st Iight get
  • Renee Elkins might get out of here sooner but I think that is just wishful thinking
  • Renee Clark Have they found a marrow match?
  • Renee Clark Funny how I really don't know you but you always weigh heavily on my heart. Not a prayer is said without lifting your name. If you can't be home for Christmas I am sure your family will bring Christmas to you.
  • Renee Elkins Haven't started yet they want to make sure the chemo has done what it is supposed to. Then they will start looking and marrow candidates. I have to be in remission first
  • Renee Elkins Yes the will there will be standing room only lol
  • Renee Elkins *they*
  • Renee Clark If I lived there I'd even sing Christmas songs to you! Lord that could be scary!
Ronn Brookshire
December 15, 2012 near Glendale
OK web page done. Flyer done. Pledge sheets done.
I will be taking Flyers and Pledge sheets for
Renee Elkins fundraiser to the bowling alley tomorrow. If you can't wait use the link at our The Shootout page or use the link below. There is a menu here to send you to Pledge and Flyers if you want to print one. — with Tawni Gray and 19 others.
Renee Elkins changed her profile picture.
December 15, 2012
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December 16, 2012

Tawni Gray shared a link.
December 15, 2012
Please help make a donation for my mothers hospital bills and medicine bills. We would really appreciate the help!
Strike Out Leukemia
  • Renee Clark Maybe some of your friends can do a benefit for your mom.. Bike rides, concerts , garage sales. Takes some planning but communities come together in times like these. Maybe raffle a tablet , or some kind of electronics. Keep God in all you do and he will come through for you! Praying for your family.
Jasmine Gray changed her cover photo.
December 15, 2012

  • Shawn Elkins That's my girl... tell the world.
  • James Collazo Talk about it baby girl how are u my love and mom
  • Amber Harmon I love it<3 my moms battling breast cancer....she has surgery tomorrow

Round 1 Day 20

Zachariah Robertson posted to Renee Elkins
December 16, 2012
You Posted a Rainbow ..I thought Id send you One
I pray for You and all of yours this Morn and light candles to continue those prayers ...

Ronn Brookshire
December 16, 2012
Renee Elkins had another sleepless night. She is presently sleeping very sound. They now believe that she has pneumonia. The only symptoms she has is the fever. No coughing. She only had a small spot showing on her left lung on Tuesday, now it is larger and has spread to her right lung. Waiting on a specialist to look at her.
  • Tamara Kinyon Poor thing. I don't think I'll come up today. I'm on break soon and I'll come up then. Give her a big hug and kiss for me!! Love you guys!!
Tawni Gray
December 16, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
The doctors today said that my mom has pneumonia and has spread all over one of her lungs. She's going into surgery tomorrow so they can get a better look at it an some samples. Please pray that all goes well, please.
  • Cheyanne Griffis I know I don't know you, but she is in my prayers tonight. I wish her good luck! She seems like a strong woman and she definitely has a great support system. I hope everything turns out okay
  • Yocelin Tepezano I hope everything goes well with your Momma I know what your going through, its a tough fight, but you can tell she is a strong woman
  • Tawni Gray She is very strong, thank you both
  • Ashley Taylor Your mom just can't catch a break huh
  • Jessica Elizabeth Marie Uballe Tawni.! Jasmine.!
    ive been prayin for your mom nd family. everythin will be all good your mom is a very strong women.
  • Tawni Gray It's just one thing after another. She doesn't have an immune system right now so that's kinda why things keep happening. She's been having high fevers lately also, it sucks
  • Ashley Taylor Yeah thats what comes with cancer unfortunately:( I'm sorry girly, hang in there! Thinking of her!
  • Tawni Gray Thank you Ashley!
  • Sheri Brookshire Praying
  • Justin Mahoney I'm sorry
  • Tawni Gray She'll get thru this, she always does. That's one thing that I love about my mother, she never gives up. She's not a quitter.
  • Katrinaa Collazo I'm coming over tomorrow we're all praying for mom. (': i love you.
  • Wendy Isaacson She'll be in my prayers. Just have faith in Him for healing.
  • Patricia Polomsky Tell her lots of love from me, i'll call her tomorrow.
  • Crystal Hoisington prayers coming your way! Its in Gods hands..have faith!
  • Jessica Larson posted to Renee Elkins
  • December 17, 2012 via mobile
  • I love you momma!! Stay strong!! Keep fighting!! And keep posting those headband pictures!!

  Round 1 Day 21

Karli Lorraine Montgomery
December 17, 2012 near Buckeye
● .
  ★  ★ ° ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .
  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ . ....You ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★ ° :.
  . • °   . * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★ .    

 .  ° . ● ¸ .   ★ ° .  • ○ ° ★ .      
  ★ ★ ° . . . ☾ ° . * ● ¸ . Are  ★ ° :.  . •
  . •
  .  * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★ .   ★ ° . .  
★  .  * .      . Soooooo  °  . ● .    °
● .
  ★  ★ ° ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .
  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    ° ☾ ★ ° . .    . ☾ ° . *
  . • °   . * :. . ¸ . ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★ .   ★ ° . .
  .  * .     Beautiful  . °  . ● .    ° ☾ °
● .
  ★  ★ ° ☆ ¸. ¸  ★  :.  . • ○ ° ★  .  * . .
  ¸ .   °  ¸. * ● ¸ .    ° ☾ °  ¸. ● ¸ .  ★ ° :.
  . • °   . * :. . ¸ . Renee Elkins ● ¸    ★  ★☾ °★ . — with Renee Elkins.
Ronn Brookshire
December 17, 2012 near Young America West
Got here at the hospital at 4:30am and of course the front doors are locked(security), so I had to walk around to the east side and enter through the Emergency room entry. Renee Elkins is getting a procedure this morning. It was supposed to be at 6am but no one has come to get her yet. They are going to put a tube down her bronchial tube into her lungs to get a biopsy. This is to determine if it is a viral or bacterial infection, then they are going to scrape her lungs.
I just pray that they can get to a point where she stops hurting and we can all relax a little. The family is physically and mentally exhausted. Things are said that are not meant.
Will let you all know when she gets back to her room. — with
Tawni Gray and 8 others.
  • Viv Rez ron my and danny's love and prayers go out to you and the family
  • Ellen Carver Robert and my prayers are with you and yours as well
  • Marla Stone Please give renee hugs and and prayers to you and the family!
  • Shannon Moore Cunningham Praying for you family. God Bless.
  • Rachel McFadden I have been praying for Renee and the whole family. I pray that God is guiding the doctor's hand giving the knowledge to help Renee.
  • Keep the faith Ron love you guys
  • Sabrina Ruiz Chacon Our prayers are with u all
  • Phillip Stancato I'll be praying for all of u guys hope Renee can fight through this
  • Tamara Kinyon Papa my prayers for strength are with you all!! Tell Renee I love her and I'm praying for her!!! Love you all!!
  • Anthony Francisco Me too
  • Anita Silcott My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Brookshire family.
  • Hope Krasner-Hart U all have the strength faith and love , to guide Renee thru is what she needs now my thoughts and prayers are with u all
  • Suzi Hale Thank you so much for keeping us all informed, Ron! Renee is so lucky to have YOU as her father. Many prayers are going your and Renee's way for them finding some answers to all this so she can be more comfortable.
  • All Wood Trophy Mine and Woody's prayers are with you all....Prayers are answred she beat it once she can do it again with all the love and prayers that encircle her. We love you Renee.
Ronn Brookshire
December 17, 2012 near Young America West
First off I would like to thank everyone for there prayers and get wel wishes in the previous post.
She is back in the room. They didn't do a biopsy and the reason was her platelets were low. If they did there was a possibility they couldn't control her bleeding.

They flushed her lungs and siphoned out the liquid to use as there sample.
It will be 24 to 48 hours for the viral and bacterial tests to be finished. The fungal test will take 5 to 7 days. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
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December 17, 2012

Renee Elkins was with Tawni Gray and 38 other people.
December 17, 2012
  • Tawni Gray That bow looks so cute on you haha!
  • Hope Krasner-Hart get well renee my prayers are with u
  • Carol Oliverio Please get well! I love you!
  • Renee Elkins Sorry forgot Nancy Myers
  • Susan Mary Parks Awww, I think this one is my favorite so far!
  • Darcy Robertson Serrano Back at cha-- peace baby!! You are looking good and I'm praying hard for you!
  • Tara Hickey-Keehn Stay strong Renee!!
  • Marla Stone Love the bow! Love you!
  • Tamara Kinyon Love you tons!!! Can't wait till next week and I'll be up to bug you!!
  • Chulisa Kmetz I love you so much!!!!! You're absolutely beautiful! Renee you're close to my heart. Love you! Hang in there you got this!
  • Rachel McFadden Looking beautiful as always.
  • Danielle Manganelli-Barnard Red is your color... Love you and miss you. You are never far from our thoughts and always in our prayers
  • Larriane Wills indeed yes, V for victory!!!
  • April Robertson U soooo sexy girl..U are Always on my mind girly..We Cant stop thinking about you!! love thoughts and prayers for u girly!!
  • Marc Adelman We all miss you at Bethesda Gardens. I hope you come back soon. Love ya.....
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, both inside and out! You are an inspiration to me and I am so glad I ever got the chance to know you and call you my family! I love you Aunt Nae Nae! And you will get through this and anything else God throws your way. WE will get through this as a family! I love you and I wishI could be by your side physically, but I will always be there emotionally.
  • Rachel McFadden Hey girl you are going to get better by June. We can do what we did 8 years ago in Vegas. You, Glenna, Rhonda, PK and me down the strip, shopping and flashin. Oh wait that was just you and me flashin. Hang in there girl. Much love for you.
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire ohhhhh and btw... I am loving the red bow!!! Looks great on you!
  • Shelly Kerns I miss u and love u so much o and did I mention how beautiful you are.
  • Penny Koontz Heck ya Renee dancing on the bar at the New York LOL count me in! Love ya tons my friend
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo That's MY BEST GIRL! Awww I love you Ne' Peace fo sho!
  • Suzi Hale Renee, You ARE beautiful, inside and out! Wish we were closer so we could come and see you. I am so thankful that your dad keeps us posted. Tons of thoughts and prayers are coming your way daily. You have been so strong thru all this and and so happy that you have a wonderful supportive group of family and friends. You are loved very much! Just know that Wade and I are thinking of you and pray you feel better soon.
  • Jason Lamb Love you Renee Elkins i wish there was something i can do to make you better, i think about you every day, its too bad i wasted so much of my life rotting away when that time could have been better spent with my family. I hope you get better soon, FUCK CANCER!
  • Michelle Minton-Vandenberg One word Sexy Mamma, ok two Love you bunches!!!!
  • Shawn Tweedy Love the smile, sending our prayers for you beautiful lady.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Praying for you
  • Ervin Sedina Cejvanovic we miss you Renee & hoping to see you soon lots of love...........
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo Sleep sweet my Ne Bear.
  • Carolyn Aldana Renee, hope you are feeling better we all miss you and want you to get well soon. You are in my prayers every day. Keep up the good work
Jasmine Gray posted to Renee Elkins
December 17, 2012 near Buckeye
I love you Shawn Elkins changed his profile picture.
December 17, 2012

Round 1 Day 22

Ronn Brookshire
December 18, 2012
Let us cross our fingers for Renee Elkins. If her white cell count is high enough, she will get to go home on the 24th, Christmas Eve 9 they do there best to let the patients go home for the holidays ). A resting period to let her body mind itself that will last approximately 2 weeks.
Trying to read between the lines here. Her doctor will then order another bone marrow biopsy. to determine if the cancer is in remission. There are several things that need to happen to determine which way the doctor will move. She may continue chemo on a limited basis and no transplant ( her immune system is accepting the shots that help increase her white cell count very well ) or massive chemo and a marrow transplant.
Only time will tell.
I am hoping and praying that she takes the path of least resistance. — with
Tawni Gray and 7 others.
Jason Lamb was with Renee Elkins.
December 18, 2012

  • Round 1 Day 23
Ronn Brookshire
December 19, 2012
Ronn Brookshire updated the description.
December 19, 2012
This group is dedicated to Raising funds to help Renee Elkins and her family to combat the costs in battling Leukemia
  • David Chapman I am asking that everyone say a prayer for my niece in Arizona who is currently fighting Leukemia,and that GOD bless her and all of the family .She has a very loving family that needs all the support during this long a painful fight during this Christmas Holidays
  • Ronn Brookshire Ok got the bank setup. Just a few more things to do Monday morning at the bank. Monday the 24th, after 12, you can donate directly to Renee Elkins Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Crystal the bank rep I am setting up the account will be the first to donate to Renee using the account. You just never know how much strangers are willing to give.
George Echelberger
December 19, 2012
We love you mom hope you get better soon — with Renee Elkins.

Tawni Gray
December 19, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
I am definitely not in the Christmas spirit this year..
  • Marky Malinowski Yeah me too just really not feeling it this year. What about you??
  • Danny Gaudette maybe it's the end of the world and all.
  • Kaylee Dawn You should be, this is you're baby's first Christmas, right?
  • Tawni Gray Yes, but it just doesn't feel right since my mom might not be home for Christmas.
Steve Polomsky
December 19, 2012
Love you Renee Elkins!
Round 1 Day 24
Alexuss Gray
December 20, 2012
I love my mom so much♥ she's such a strong woman I honestly don't know what I would do without her♥ I cut off almost all my hair to support her and she loves it♥ she didn't know I was doing it for her and I walked into her hospital room to surprise her and she just loved it so much it brighten her day and gave her a huge smile♥ she was telling me I didn't have to do it because she knows I love my hair.. I told her "I know I didn't have to but I wanted to , for you♥ besides its only hair, it will grow back(:" it made her day you could just see it in her eyes(": I love you mom♥
with Renee Elkins.

Ronn Brookshire
December 20, 2012
Renee Elkins and Glenna Brookshire-Morris wrapped Christmas presents last night. Today she is finishing getting her cards signed.
Her white blood cell count is slowly raising. It's going to be close for her to get out Monday.
Here's a estimated timeline: When her white cell count is in the thousands ( it is currently in the hundreds) a bone marrow biopsy will be done.
She will be then be able to go home for 5 to 7 days.
After her short vacation she will then return to the hospital and do chemo again and meet with her transplant team.
In 6 to 8 weeks time, depending if a marrow donor is found she will get the transplant.
Things could change and I will post any changes.
The only thing everyone can do is pray that it all goes as planned. — with
Tawni Gray and 10 others.

Rachel McFadden Praying and praying Dad.
  • Tamara Kinyon Prayers and love!!
  • Sheri Brookshire Praying everyday
  • Diana Reece prayers going on every day here
  • Mike Kelley Morgans swabs were sent off last night. Keegans should arrive today and be sent out by Monday. Hopefully 2 more coming by tonight to sign up. Were gonna find a donor!
  • Tamara Kinyon Mikey your the best!!!

Round 1 Day 25

Ronn Brookshire
December 21, 2012
a cure for Renee Elkins
Michelle Ouellette Castillo
December 21, 2012
I love you Renee Brooshire Elkins! — with Renee Elkins. Round 1 Day 26

Ronn Brookshire
December 22, 2012
Ok got the bank setup. Just a few more things to do Monday morning at the bank. Monday the 24th, after 12, you can donate directly to Renee Elkins Donation Fund at Wells Fargo Bank. Crystal the bank rep I am setting up the account will be the first to donate to Renee using the account. You just never know how much strangers are willing to give. God Bless Her. — with Tawni Gray and 19 others. Ronn Brookshire
December 22, 2012
Ok some bad and good news. Renee Elkins will not get to go home for the holidays. The good news is that she is doing better. The Dr. said she could boost the white cells to get them higher but it would not be in Renee's best interest to take shortcuts. The turtle will win the race.
Most of the family will be here to celebrate Christmas with Renee including my sister
Larriane Wills, from Prescott.
  • Larriane Wills we won't make it down until the day after xmas, but i'm keeping those german chocolate cupcakes in the freeze until i frost them
  • Ronn Brookshire No problem sis. Renee says she can already taste them.
  • Larriane Wills lol. super. got other goodies as well. been baking up a storm
  • Rachel McFadden Christmas can be anywhere you have family and love, even a manger. Celebrate His birth and Nae's progress wherever you have to. I will continue the prayers.
  • Tamara Kinyon Oh man! That stinks!! I love you all!!
  • Sheri Brookshire Oh bummer. But, I know you will all have a very special Christmas anyway because you will make it so. I hope you all have a wonderful visit together.
Round 1 Day 27
Sheri Brookshire shared Hippie Peace Freaks's photo.
December 23, 2012
Just wanted to send a giggle, make you smile, Love you Sweetheart
Ronn Brookshire
December 23, 2012
Renee Elkins. This says it all
In case you forgot . . . From all of us to all of you!

Tiara Salazar
December 23, 2012 near Phoenix
Visiting our favorite boss. — with Renee Elkins and Charrawn Manuel.
  • Renee Elkins So glad to have you guys. Please come and visit more often
  • Tina Vaughn-Stiteler Renee, you're always in my thoughts and prayers! May God bless you and sendMANY angels your way!! You are strong got this! Merry Christmas
  • Charrawn Manuel love u bunches and miss u bunches sweet tits
  • Larriane Wills hey sweetie, want us to fix you a plate of turkey dinner to bring down?
  • Renee Elkins No I don't think so ,but thank you anyways.
  • Marc Adelman NIce pic
  • Jessica Larson I love you! I'm glad they came!!
Round 1 Day 28
Cathy Moore posted to Renee Elkins
December 24, 2012
Merry Christmas Renee , I Love and Miss you very much Have a nice Christmas with your family I really miss your laughter at work God Bless You

Ronn Brookshire
December 24, 2012 near Phoenix
How is everyone doing this Christmas Eve.
Renee Elkins told me to tell everyon Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.
She is still in the hospital. Her white cell count stayed the same (it's 0.6, she needs a 1.o to get to go home). I think Christmas in the hospital is getting to her, very emotional.
Most of the family is going to be here tonight and/or tommorrow. Jasmine is going to stay the night, this made Renee extremely happy.
Going to see if we can have a small potluck here at the hospital. I smoked a fresh picnic yesterday for pulled pork sandwiches. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
  • Tawni Gray i wanted to stay the night too
  • Ronn Brookshire u got the baby. I know she understands.
  • Tawni Gray but it makes me sad
  • Tamara Kinyon Aw!! :(( I do wish she could go home. But thank god she is blessed w a family that is as loving and wonderful as you all are! Love you all! Give her a big hug from me!!
  • Ronn Brookshire will do Tamara Kinyon. love ya
  • Ronn Brookshire to all that don't know what a "Picnic"is. It is the shoulder of the pig. Much leaner than a "Pork Butt" which is seperated from the "Picnic". And the reason it's called the Butt is it's lower on the shoulder.
  • Tamara Kinyon I was wondering what you were referring to. I was thinking potato salad and fried chicken kinda picnic. Lol
  • Jaime Wiedmaier Merry Christmas to the whole family; and prayers for Renee to get better.
  • Ellen Carver I know you all disappointed that Renee will not be home but we all want what is best for her
  • Sheri Brookshire Sounds like a wonderful Christmas to me, Merry Christmas to all of you
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 24, 2012
I have a favor to ask! Anyone that came out and signed up to be a bone marrow donor, and gave Renee your donor number. Could you please message me or Jasmine Gray, Tawni Gray, Renee Elkins, Ronn Brookshire, Rhonda Brookshire, Alexuss Gray, Charles Tony Morris, Shawn Elkins or Michelle Minton-Vandenberg with your numbers. The numbers have been misplaced and it is getting close to the time Renee is going to be meeting with the transplant team. Renee would prefer to have the donor be someone she know. Once again, we all are grateful for coming down and helping. Jasmine Gray
December 24, 2012 near Buckeye
Going up to the hospital later today to see my mom and staying the night for Christmas Day Renee Elkins Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 24, 2012
Renee Elkins looking hot with her bow!!!
  • Ronn Brookshire always hot
  • Hope Krasner-Hart Ur smoking Renee, glad to see u up an about, u have a merry Christmas and happy new year
  • Larriane Wills I am so missing you guys tonight. seems like no one is here with you gone. the house feels almost empty. Lynn has soup going, and uncle wayne is frying tacos. everything i made is in the oven staying warm until the soup is done.
  • Renee Elkins Mmmm I'm missing the soup ;(
  • Ronn Brookshire love you sis
  • Carol Oliverio It was so good to see you Renee! Love you sweetie!
  • Tamara Kinyon Beautiful as always!! Love you!! Merry Chridtmas!!
  • Cheryl Fry Merry Christmas to you and your family. And wishing you a Happy, healthy and better next year. You so deserve it! Oh, btw you f'n rock that bow. Beautiful!!!!
Jasmine Gray
December 24, 2012
staying the night with my mom and watching "it's a wonderful life" til we fall asleep — with Renee Elkins.

Round 1 Day 29

Gordon S. Byrd
December 25, 2012
Family & Friends, a dear friend of mine has been fighting leukemia for some time now. Medical bills have been mounting! The family needs our help. A fund has been set up in her name Renee Elkins fund @ Wells Fargo bank. Give what you can. Please fwd this post.
  • Renee Elkins Thank you this message meant a lot to me. It really put things in perspective. And just so you know it was the best Christmas I ever remember having. Hope you are have fun on your cruise
  • Gordon S. Byrd What cruise? And U mean more to me than you'll ever know.
  • Renee Elkins it put that message on the wrong post Im sorry lol
Ronn Brookshire
December 25, 2012
Merry Christmas to my wonderful daughter Renee Elkins. Yesterday was such an emotional day for you. You really don't understand that you give everyone the gift of loving this holiday season. Tomorrow will be 1 month that you have been in the hospital. We all have lived the ups and downs with you. We have cried and laughed along with you. Although we wished you could be home, we will all be with you on this very special Christmas. A  lot of us have decided that this did not feel like Christmas like your nephew Charles Tony Morris commented in a post but you won't let us get away with that. You wrapped your presents at the hospital with your sister, Glenna Brookshire-Morris. You bought your nurses, both shifts a treat from Paradise Bakery.
You have brought Christmas to a new high with your smile.
I LOVE YOU RENEE !! — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire I love you Renee! Kyle and I really wish we could be there with you this Christmas! We miss you and Merry Christmas!
  • Anthony Francisco Merry Christmas Renee oh and Shawn too!!
  • Sheri Brookshire Love you Renee
  • Tamara Kinyon Merry Christmas!! I hope your having a wonderful time w your family.
  • Ronn Brookshire your gonna make me tear up
  • Ronn Brookshire you would do the same for me...lova ya
Marcia Kirk Goodrich
December 25, 2012
A Christmas wish for a special friend...Renee Elkins I know it is tough not being at home for Christmas but you are blessed with beautiful family and friends to bring Christmas to you. When you and your family look back at your Christmas memories years from now the one that will stand out is the one where everyone learned that Christmas, just like home, is where your heart is. You keep up the fight and let your family do the rest.
Love, strength, and prayers from Texas.

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December 25, 2012
December 25, 2012
well I truly didn't expect anything for Christmas this year and they got me a brand new laptop. needless to say I completely at a loss for words and I cried like a baby. — with Tawni Gray and 6 others.
  • Cathy Moore Happy for you with much love
  • Ronn Brookshire Love you. It was great to see you so happy
  • Tamara Kinyon You are so deserving! Merry Christmas!!
  • Tracy Elkins I'Anson That's awesome. Merry Christmas Renee.
  • April Busald You are so loved Renee and you so deserve the laptop. You have to keep in touch with the people that love you but aren't able to make it to see you. Love ha and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  • Diane Clark That's great. Merry Christmas Renee!
  • Crystal Hoisington Awwww!!! You deserve every ounce of it:) Merry Christmas sweetie!
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire Yay!!! Thats awesome! Merry Christmas Nae Nae! Really wish we could have been there today
  • Ellen Carver You deserve it and also you deserve to get your health back and a long and happy live. Love you and yours
  • Marc Adelman You deserve the very best. I hope you had a very merry Christmas. Always praying for you.
  • Cheri Gray That's so awesome, Renee! Now you need to get on Tango so we can video chat!
Ken Sainzposted toRenee Elkins
December 25, 2012 via mobile
Merry Christmas! !
Hope you're doing well and handling your ordeal in a good, positive leaning towards healthy way. Hope that came out right.
I admire the attitude you project on facebook. Its got to be hard. Keep it up girl, I'm behind you all the way. Are you home? Sorry if my questions seem foolish, I don't know anything unless its been sent to me. Give that ole man of yours a hug n kiss for me. Love you
  • Shawn Elkins Thx Kenny that means alot. Merry Christmas
  • Renee Elkins thank you ken. no i a
  • Renee Elkins m still in the hospital. no question is a stupid one . thanks again love you
Ronn Brookshire
December 25, 2012 near Phoenix
Well it has been an awesome Christmas. I know we had it in the hospital, which doesn't sound all that great, but it doesn't matter where but with who. Renee Elkins finally got a new laptop, not one of my hand-me-downs. It was awesome watching her when she finally saw what it was. The tears started flowing. About that time the nurse Steve, came in and Renee told him these were happy tears. Delilah May kept us entertained. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. Her fever is going up a little, but the white blood cell count is up to .7. December 25, 2012
I hope and pray that you keep your strong will going all your family here in El Paso TX have been praying for you daily, may GOD Bless you and watch over you in this time of need. Merry Christmas and may you be blessed . Love you always ; uncle David

George Echelberger
December 25, 2012
Its not about the presents or spending alot of money its about spending time with friends and family and what truly comes from the heart merry christmas guys love you — with Renee Elkins and 18 others. Tawni Gray
December 25, 2012
Christmas day — with Renee Elkins and 2 others.
  • 2Ken Clark Merry Christmas to you all! Give my g-babe a kiss for us! When you a chance stop by. Give your mommy a hug.
  • Tawni Gray i told rashele i was going to stop by sometime today and i will!
  • Ken Clark K...did not know that.
  • Tawni Gray Oh i thought she told you, sorry lol
  • Ken Clark She wasn't sure!
Round 1 Day 36
Tawni Gray
December 26, 2012 near Buckeye
hey mom, hows the new computer goin for ya? getting used to windows 8 yet? ahahah — with Renee Elkins.
  • Renee Elkins still a little confused I do something and this window pops up and totally freaks me out. dad is going to down load the manual so I can figure stuff out. Other than that everything is going great. I Love my new computer. Thank You
Tawni Gray
December 26, 2012 near Buckeye via mobile
I had a very nice Christmas yesterday. Even though I spent it in the hospital with my mom and the rest of my family, I surprisingly had fun. I thought it was better then having it at my house for some reason. it was peaceful. My mom was even on the floor playing with Delilah and her toys. I hope y'all had a nice Christmas as well
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire Im glad you guys had a good Christmas! Your mom looked so happy in the pictures. Love and Miss you guys!
  • Jason Lamb glad to hear you guys had a good Christmas too bad i didn't get to see any of you though
Round 1 Day 32
Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 28, 2012 near Glendale
Sorry just woke up be there in a few.

Ronn Brookshire
December 28, 2012
Renee Elkins white cell count is not going up as fast as expected, it's still at .7. The doctor said she has been in the hospital too long (33 days) and she is going to give her some shots to bring her white cell count up. Instead of doing the biopsy in the hospital as planned she is going to do it with Renee as an out patient in her office. This will let her be at home more than the original 5 days as previously stated. They are looking at possibly Wednesday for her to go home for hopefully 2 weeks depending on what the biopsy reveals. Renee wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the support she has received from everyone and sends her love back to you. Round 1 Day 34

Ronn Brookshire
December 30, 2012 near Phoenix
When anyone comes to visit Renee Elkins you will need to put on a mask. On top of everything else she now has the flu.
  • Tawni Gray I get the feeling she got it from me i was wearing a mask but i would take it off for a few seconds to breathe ..
  • Ronn Brookshire It could of been anybody, even one of the nurses. She has been sleeping pretty good for the last 2 hours. She falls right back to sleep within minutes after the nurses or doctors wake her up.
  • Tamara Kinyon Oh no!!! Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon! Love you guys!!
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce OMG!! How much can this poor girl stand? We are still praying, Ronn.
  • Larriane Wills i feel so bad for her. i know i keep saying it, but i'll say it again, it's not fair.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Prayers for her
Ronn Brookshire
December 30, 2012 near Phoenix
guess who has a sore throat Tawni Gray
December 30, 2012 near Buckeye
i hate doing anything while i'm sick. i just never have the energy.
  • Jason Lamb You're not supposed to do anything when you're sick!
  • Tawni Gray Its kinda hard when you have a child that moves around a lot. i wish i could just lay in bed all day and do nothing, that would be great!
Round 1 Day 35

Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
December 31, 2012 near Phoenix
Sorry honey I don't think I will see you today. My throat is hurting and I don't want to take a chance in giving it to you. Ronn Brookshire
December 31, 2012 near Phoenix
I'm home sick today an can't visit Renee Elkins. All her counts were up to day and now the only thing keeping here from going home is the flu. She's really depressed and I can't blame her. After today her deductibles start all over again and she was hoping to get them in year 2012. This is why I'm hoping the fundraiser is a success. — with Tawni Gray and 5 others.
Renee Elkins
December 31, 2012
Well I can't say 2012 has been a good year going through Lymphoma but at least I was able to work Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living that really helped me get through a large portion and the love of my friends. and especially family. 2013 doesn't seem to be bringing anything much better with this freakin Leukemia. I try to have a positive outlook on most everything, I am just finding it hard to find to positive lately. I guess I will just have to push past the negative and find the positive. Fake it till ya make it. HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR
  • Jason Lamb 2013 will be a better year for you i love you and happy new year
  • Geramie Malone We love you Renee. This year will be better!
  • Jamie Sandell McClafferty Happy New Year sis.. Feel better, see u soon!
  • Carol Oliverio I will be a better year sweetie! Love You!!!!
  • Crystal Hoisington Happy New Year Mommy! Love you! Keep it moving forward you are a strong young lady! I know its easier said then done..but I know you can do it;) love you Hope 2013 brings you a good are in my prayers kisses
  • Tamara Kinyon This is your year my sweet friend !!! Hang in and anything at all you need from me I'm just a phone call away!! I love you dearly my sweet friend!!
  • Keith Callahan We who know you are very lucky to have you in our lives so, keep your spirits high and don't ever give up! Much love and countless prayers coming your way!
  • Susan Mary Parks A new year and a fresh WILL get through this my friend and will be the better and stronger for it! We all love you and are praying for you....and look forward to your return to Bethesda Gardens!!! Blessings to you and yours in the New Year Ne!!!!
  • Ken Clark Wishing you the positively mostest bestest year!
  • April Busald 2013 is going to be a year of healing for you. And the fundraiser will be huge success! You have a lot of friends and family that love you and lots of prayers going up. Keep your faith, love ya and Happy New year!
  • Deanna Ashton Love you girl. We may not have been in each others lives over the years but you have always been in my heart. Stay positive and keep fighting I will keep sending positive thoughts and prayers to you. Jasmine Gray love you mom this year will be a better year. May not start off how you'd wish, but just stay positive. You will make it through this struggle.
  • Tawni Gray i love you mom, hope to see you soon! happy new year, wish i could be there with you.
  • Hope Krasner-Hart Ur a strong woman Renee, u have a lot of friends and family. Support that's a strong positive u will beat this , my prayers are with u , happy new years to u and ur family , 2013 is going to be a good year for u , take care , stay strong and positive
  • Ellen Carver stay strong and postive you have the most awesome family and friends and I hope you count me as a friend do love you and am praying for you every day
  • Renee Clark Praying 2013 will bring you through a complete recovery quickly!
  • Jill Gatta renee my prayers r with u.....keep on keeping on.....g-d bless....
  • John Brinkerhoff Always think positive girl.
  • Zachariah Robertson Stay Strong Girl , You got this whooped
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
December 31, 2012
I am gonna bring in the New Year with Renee.... Lets just pray that the New Year brings positive thoughts and good health for Renee — with Renee Elkins at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
Round 1 Day 36

Ronn Brookshire
January 1 near Phoenix
Renee Elkins is going home tomorrow. Enough said
Stephanie Anderson That makes my day : ) Jessica Larsonposted toRenee Elkins
January 1 near Phoenix via mobile
LOVE YOU NAY!! Round 1 Day 37

Glenna Brookshire-Morris
January 2
Well it is official!!!! Renee Elkins gets to go home today!!! Ronn Brookshire
January 2 near Glendale
The Phoenix Suns just donated a "Goody Bag" to Strikeout Leukemia for Renee Elkins. I just emailed them last night and got an immediate response. Thank you very much. Ronn Brookshire
January 2 near Glendale
This is the letter from the Phoenix Suns: Hi Ronald,
Thank you for reaching out to the Phoenix Suns. We can donate a Phoenix Suns Goody Bag. If you could please print out the attached document and bring that in with you, that would be great. It has all the information you should need in order to pick up the item. In case I am not here, you need to show this attached document to get the item. Also, please let me know when you are on your way to pick it up so I can personally try to hand it off to you.

Thank you and we are happy we can help out Renee Elkins.
Kelsey Dickerson
Public/Community Relations Assistant
201 E. Jefferson Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
Glenna Brookshire-Morris
January 2
Going home Renee Elkins — with Renee Elkins and 5 others at 2013.




Home & Fundraiser
Jan 3, 2013-Jan 28, 2013
Ronn Brookshire
January 3 near Glendale
Have you ever wondered how big people’s hearts can be, well don't wonder anymore. StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins has opened many hearts :
Ivy Hutchison (photographer) has offered a portrait setting for a door prize.
Mike Kelley has offered a $25 ITunes gift card for a door prize.
Danielle Manganelli-Barnard, out of Alabama owns Summer Girls Boutique has offered items in the store or she can make cancer related items for door prizes.
Renee Clark out of Georgia has offered to ask friends to purchase gift cards for door prizes.
Maybe you know of a business that can give us a door prize let us know.
Ronn Brookshire
January 3 near Glendale
When Renee Elkins was released yesterday she had to pick up a prescription and 1 pill was $190.00. OUCH
  • Rikki Hatara The drug companies are out of control!!
  • Ivy Hutchison · 3 mutual friends LOVE
  • Tamara Kinyon That is so ridiculous!!
  • Ronn Brookshire That’s nothing some of the shots she got in the hospital were $5,000.00
  • Tamara Kinyon And we wonder why people travel to other parts of the world for major medical treatment.
  • Mike Kelley the same exact pill that sells for 10.00 in Mexico. We Americans finance the world’s drug supply
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce Somebody needs to do something about the drug companies. It's crazy!!! Between the drug companies, the oil companies, the insurance companies, and IRS, we might as well just hand over our entire paycheck. They aren't leaving us enough to live on!!!
Ronn Brookshire
January 4 near Glendale
Jan 4, 2013
We have 71 confirmed bowlers and only 22 days left for StrikeOut Leukemia for
Renee Elkins.
Ronn Brookshire
January 4 near Glendale
I have posted and deleted several times because after I posted it didn't sound right and I hope it does now if not sorry I did my best.
It's a good story/bad story for
Renee Elkins.
Glenna Brookshire-Morris took her to meet with the Transplant Team in Scottsdale. I'll try to remember everything she told me. If I get something wrong I'll let her comment on what I said wrong.
Renee has secondary Lymphoma along with AML Leukemia. If Glenna or
Rhonda Brookshire are a match then all they will have to do is a blood transplant. By this it was explained to me they use certain parts of the blood but it is still considered a transplant. If they aren't a match then they will need a donor for the bone marrow transplant. She has a 60% chance of being completely cured which is a lot better than what we thought. If this doesn't work as planned then another match and another transplant. This will all take place in late February or early March if a match is found with more intensive chemo to destroy all of her immune system.
After the transplant she will need to have a caregiver for approximately 100 days. They are requesting Glenna, Rhonda,
Tawni Gray, Jasmine Gray, Alexus Gray, Shawn Elkins and myself to take caregiver classes to keep the cost down. So we are looking at about July for her to be her old self if everything goes as planned.
Her biggest concern now of course is money since her PTO hours are up in 2 weeks (Her fellow workers donated their extra PTO hours). Everyone that is participating in our Fundraiser is doing their best to alleviate this worry.
She is trying to get social security disability but it's like jumping through hoops and producing every medical record there is to prove she can't work, and it still might take 6 months. Her sister Rhonda is trying to help her get all the paperwork done so she will stop worrying but we all know that is easier said than done.
When she was in the hospital she would start crying at the smallest thing, so the bigger things made her really brake down and the only thing I could do was to tell her everything would work out. I felt helpless.
I guess I'm done rambling. But this is the only way I can cope is by writing everything down and releasing some of the tension I feel. — with
Larriane Wills and 7 others.
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris She is free of Lymphoma... when she had Lymphoma there was a secondary one... this Lymphoma has a chance of coming out of remission.... they transplant will help with that not coming back.
  • Shawn Elkins I know how you feel......
  • Tracy Elkins I'Anson Ronn I appreciate so much all of your updates and keeping us informed and aware of all that is happening.
  • Rikki Hatara You're all going thru some very scary and troubling times, but you have a lot of good people behind you. I've been to a lot of benefits over the last year, so I'm reaching out to some of those people for ideas to help with Renee's fundraiser. Hang in there and keep fighting the good fight!
  • Renee Clark can you ask about this...Induction chemotherapy
    For most patients, the standard first phase of AML treatment is induction chemotherapy. The goal of induction chemotherapy is to bring the disease into remission. Remission is when the patient's blood counts return to normal and bone marrow samples show no sign of disease (less than 5% of cells are leukemia cells).
    Induction chemotherapy is very intense. It usually lasts one week, followed by three or more weeks for the patient to recover from the treatment.
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris Renee Clark... the Transplant DR... stated the chemo that she got in the hospital... was her Induction Chemo.
  • Renee Clark My thoughts are with you. Sure wish we weren't so far away so I could help you more with the fundraisers! One suggestion is raffle vs. door prizes. But praying people will come together realizing we can make a difference to someone who is deserving and needs assistance desperately. Has anyone tried Churches yet? I know this is hard for you. My prayers reach far beyond Renee's recovery. I pray you have all the assistance you need, rest and try to take care of you too because she needs all of you!
  • Renee Clark Awesome Glenda. I read up on that and it is supposed to be top notch!
  • Ronn Brookshire We are doing door prizes, raffle and silent auction
  • Renee Clark I'm looking for other things I can gather to send other than gift cards. We have a few commitments. I am planning on sending the things I gather out by at least next weekend.
  • Renee Clark I'll message you the day before I send it. I will send it via FedEx.
  • Ronn Brookshire OK thank you. Your support has really been a help to us
  • Renee Clark no thanks needed!!
  • Jaime Wiedmaier When my dad applied for Soc. / disability it took them almost 8 months to approve him and there is a 6 month waiting period that you don't get your money back. I hope all works out well. You all are in my prayers. I will make sure I make some goodies for the bake sale.
  • Ivy Hutchison · 3 mutual friends
  • It took about nine months from the time I filed until my claim was approved. Just give them as much information as you can. They will likely have her consult with their own specialists, but they were fair in my experience. Tell her to hang in there.
Alexis Hentze
January 4
please help Renee Elkins..... I’ve known her and most her family since I was pretty young, They are like family to me. so please help anyway you can any donations will help if u need more info please message me or Ronn Brookshire for any questions... LOVE YOU RENEE! Tawni Gray shared Ronn Brookshire's status.
January 4
Update about my mom.. She really needs all the help we can get. Thank you all for praying and helping out.
I have posted and deleted several times because after I posted it didn't sound right and I hope it does now if not sorry I did my best. April Busald posted to Ronn Brookshire
January 4
Ronn , my daughter Kari would like to bowl for Renee in the strike out leukemia as well. Please put her down to bowl. We are hoping the weather will permit her to be able to come down from Flagstaff that weekend and we will also plan on baking for the bake sale as well. So please add her to the list of bowlers. Love ya guys! Regardless if she isn't able to make it due to weathering will still pay for her spot.
Thanks and prayers continuing to go up for the family.
Tawni Gay
January 4 near Buckeye via mobile
Staying at my patents house for a couple of weeks. Going to spend some time with my mom and help her when she needs help with things. I miss my patents, and Delilah definitely misses her grandparents.

Ronn Brookshire

January 5 near Glendale
Jan 5, 2013
We have 79 confirmed bowlers and only 21 days left for StrikeOut Leukemia for
Renee Elkins.
Ronn Brookshire
January 6 near Glendale
Jan 6, 2013
As of this morning we have 83 confirmed bowlers and only 20 days left for StrikeOut Leukemia for
Renee Elkins. I have only blocked out 40 lanes (that's 200 bowlers) so I need at least 117 more confirmations although 167 more for a full house would be excellent. I believe that there will be more sign-ups on Sunday when The Shootout league bowls since 70% of the confirmations are not on the league.

For those that have items to donate for Door Prizes or for the Silent Auction:
If you live in town call me and I will pick them up (message me for number)
If you live out of town my address is;
Ronn Brookshire
7202 W Peck Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85303

We Thank You all for your support.

Ronn Brookshire

January 6 near Glendale
Just got home from bowling. Of course I forgot the flyer/pledge sheets on my printer so I decided not to announce the Fundraiser until next week. I must have been asked 2 dozen times how is Renee Elkins doing and Glenna Brookshire-Morris was asked just as much.
Door prize donations are coming in like gang busters. Gift cards from Michael Prill Manager at Streets of New York, from
Darius Steen General Manager at Peter Piper Pizza, from Sherilynn Williams Cracker Barrel. Daniel Vidaurreta has offered to purchase movie tickets. Several people told me that they are working but will give a donation.
To be honest I can't remember all of the offers tonight. It's overwhelming.
Christown Bowling Lanes wanted more flyers.
Got my butt chewed out by several people to take better care of myself.

BTW we are at 99 confirmed bowlers. — with
Tawni Gray and 12 others.
  • Renee Clark You do need to take care of yourself that way you can be of service when needed the most. My family and I were caregivers to my mother in-law for 3 years, it can get   weary! So from me to all you caregivers, make sure you rest too!
  • Renee Clark Thanks for the continued updates! People are so awesome! We can count on a stranger’s assistance far more than the governments
  • Ronn Brookshire Thanks for the continued updates! People are so awesome! We can count on a stranger’s assistance far more than the governments will. The flu is going around and I caught it early enough that it didn't hit me to hard. Didn't realize how weak I was until I bowled last night. I will. The flu is going around and I caught it early enough that it didn't hit me to hard. Didn't realize how weak I was until I bowled last night.
  • Renee Clark something interesting I read that makes sense..cut open an onion and place a few pieces around the rooms you occupy the most. The onion absorbs the bacteria, then no one else will get the flu. It should turn black. Let me know if it helps. The flu has been very bad in this area. I got the flu shot so I pray I don't get it. I got it in 2009, it kicked my butt! God Bless and a speedy recovery!!
  • Ronn Brookshire They said you can still get this flu even with the shot and I heard that about the onion
  • Renee Clark Lord I pray I don't get it. I have had my share of health battles for 2012!!
  • Ronn Brookshire I hope you escape it also. It was on Good Morning Arizona Sat. about the flu and onion. They said this was going to be a bad flu season
  • Renee Elkins shared Tanya Wiseman's photo.
  • January 6
  • at least I hope so
  • Thought of u when I read this Joe Schwerdtfeger
  • Photo: Thought of u when I read this Joe Schwerdtfeger
  • 4 Likes 1Comment 1 Share · ·
  • Zachariah Robertson Kicking ass one day at a time...
Ronn Brookshire
January 7 near Glendale
Just talked to Renee Elkins. Glenna Brookshire-Morris is taking her to see the oncologist tomorrow and I will be taking her to Banner Estrella as an outpatient to get her biopsy on Wednesday. She is trying to keep a stiff upper lip but still has her ups and downs. It kills her that she can't hold Delilah but at least they still smile at each other and Delilah should be better in a couple of days.
They editor of the Desert Bowler a monthly magazine, called this morning and is going to write an article about Renee and the Fundraiser. It comes out Friday.
I have several great possibilities for the silent auction that I should know about this week.
Renee Elkins
January 7
my daughters beautiful tattoo she got in support of me 'with faith comes hope' — with Alexus Gray.
Ronn Brookshire
January 7 near Glendale
Thank you for thinking of the D-backs. We typically require 30 days advanced notice for all donation requests, but we are willing to make an exception this time. Please let me know an address to mail the donation to and we will get it in the mail this week.

Best of luck with all your fundraising endeavors,
  • Shawn Elkins Ronn I can't say in words how I feel...but thank you for ALL you do and have done for us.
Ronn Brookshire
January 8 near Glendale
Not much to report today. Renee Elkins said she is feeling a little better today and she sounded like it also. Her mood was much better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be a long day. I will get to her house about 9am and we will leave for Banner at about 10am so she can get her bone marrow biopsy. I think she told me we would be there till about 4pm. Of course I could be wrong which would not be the first time.

On a different note we have 101 confirmed bowlers. This number has started slowing down. To all of the people who I messaged please message me back and let me know one way or another. I know you said you were going but there are several that also said this and they live across the country (they are going to be there in spirit) and several that will be there to help out and are not going to be bowling.

Still waiting on the radio stations, Coyotes and Cardinals to respond. Hope they do with a positive note. — with
Tawni Gray and 14 others.

Michelle Ouellette Castillo
January 8
FRIENDS I am asking for donations for my best friend of 30 years who is battling cancer (again) please contact Ronn Brookshire Glenna Brookshire-Morris or Renee Elkins for details on how you can help. Ronn Brookshire posted to Renee Elkins
January 8 near Glendale
I'll bring you some enchilada sauce in the morning Rhonda Brookshire
January 8
We are having a fundraiser to help my sister that is battling leukemia. It is an afternoon of bowling with a bake sale, silent auction and door prize raffle. The fun begins at 1pm on Saturday, January 26 and the cost is $20 per bower. Please come help support my sister and her family. RSVP to Ronn Brookshire or me. THANK YOU!!
I should have started this list at the beginning but I am just learning.

Silent Auction and/or Raffle for StrikeOut for
Renee Elkins :

1) Star Wars Trilogy-Unopened 3 VHS in Shelf Box-Return of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope......
Larriane Wills
2) Suns Goody Bag....Phoenix Suns
3) Diamondbacks......Arizona Diamondbacks
4) 2 Suns and Parking pass Feb.......Lynnette Patrick
5) 2 Suns an...See More
Ronn Brookshire
January 9
At Banner with Renee Elkins to get her bone marrow biopsy Ronn Brookhire
January 9 near Phoenix
Biopsy is done on Renee Elkins. Now a 2 hour recuperation time, then she wants to go to Paradise Bakery. She said she felt everything this time. They probably didn't want to put her to far under so she could go home earlier. Ronn Brookshire
January 9 near Phoenix
Renee Elkins only had to stay 1 hour instead of 2 hours for recuperation after the biopsy. The nurse said her stats were where they wanted them to be. We then went to Paradise Bakery for lunch since she wasn't allowed to eat after midnight. She looks good and acts like she is feeling as good as can be expected. She goes to the doctor on Monday to get the results of the biopsy. After Monday we will know the next step Renee will have to take.
Just got the mail. A card from my ex, Lorna with a check for Renee. Also A letter from the Diamondbacks with a voucher worth $100 for 4 baseline reserve ticket for next season. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
  • Rikki Hatara Great news, and excellent work on the fund raising efforts!!
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce So happy to hear Renee is doing well. I am still praying for her and you. Great news about the d-backs!!
  • Ronn Brookshire Ty Rikki I'm just learning what to do. Delilah May's aunt, Renee Clark has helped me with a lot of ideas. Her help is greatly appreciated.
  • Ronn Brookshire TY Louise.
  • Renee Clark well all the credit goes to you. I admire how you jumped right in and man have you taken off! Great job to you, and high fives to all those that are assisting you! God is so great! When we all come together as one, more can be accomplished. What an awesome way to become close friends or as I like to say..facebook family! IF I lived next door I'd be right by your side moving forward. I hope all these great things you are doing will allow Renee and her family to concentrate on her recovery. Sending prayers and love to you all.
Cathy Moore posted to Renee Elkins
January 9
Hi Renee, Just a note saying , I'm thinking of you , Well Sending Lots of Love , Hugs Also Lots of Prayers your way !!!!! April Busald
January 9
For you Renee Elkins!

Jessica Larson posted to Renee Elkins

January 10 via mobile
I love you Nay Nay!!!!

Ronn Brookshire

January 10 near Glendale
The family and friends that have seen the special bond between Delilah May and her grandmother Renee Elkins will know what I am saying. Delilah has been sick this past week, so grandma and baby can't be together.
At the hospital yesterday Renee told me stories about the 2 of them smiling at each other but not being able to touch each other how Delilah new is anyone's guess. Delilah was feeling a lot better yesterday and starting to act like a normal healthy baby. I saw this little girl looking at her grandmother and smiling that big smile of hers that just gets to everyone that sees it. I know that she is only 10 months old but she never tried crawl over or cry because Renee wouldn't hold her. She just knew that she couldn't get any closer so she made grandma smile back at the crazy little smile and words only a baby and a grandmother could understand.
As long as Renee can see and hold her little angel she will get through anything life can throw at her. Delilah takes away any pain that Renee has by simply being herself. THAT IS LOVE !!!
— with Tawni Gray and 15 others.
  •             Michelle Ouellette Castillo I, As a Nini, understand that love. Nothing fills you with more hope and desire to beat life's trials more than the want to watch our baby’s babies grow to be little *people.
  • Renee Clark That's a bond only few can say they have. She's like me.. As long as I can see my granddaughters beautiful smile or hear her laughter I am gonna be ok! Glad Delilah is starting to feel better. Kids are smarter then we give them credit for sometimes!
  • Renee Clark I think we grandparents have a strong bond as if we too gave birth lol
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce I love my grandchildren like my own and now I have Great grandbabies and it is the same. They are so precious!!
  • Sheri Brookshire That's so sweet, I'm so glad that Delilah is so close and can be there to help make Renee feel better. That is priceless.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb I know what you mean that is how my special needs grandson and I are. Prayers still coming her way.
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January 11

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January 12
Desert Bowler has Renee Elkins on front page

Jill Gatta posted to Renee Elkins

January 12 near Phoenix
have a very happy birthday Renee....2013 is going 2 b your year.... Renee Elkins
January 13
I miss you already Tawni Gray and Delilah May
  • Tawni Gray Don't be afraid to let me know when you want us to stay over there for a while again, mom.
Richard Kasting Jr.
January 13
To all my bowling friends...Jan 26th at Christown lanes Ronn Brookshire is running a bowl a thon for Renee Elkins. The cost is 20 dollars to bowl and if you can get people to sponsor you, either flat rate or by the pin it would help. After beating lymphoma, a few weeks later she now has been diagnosed with leukemia.(sorry for spelling) any little bit will help her and her family. If you have any questions please call, text, message or email me! I will send you a copy of the form you need via email. Thanks for reading everyone. Have a good week. Renee Elkins
January 13
So nervous about tomorrow, I find out if the chemo did its job and I am in remission or if I'm still in the same place I was before. I mean regardless I have more chemo to come, just depends on what kind I get if I am in remission or not. PLEASE KEEP ME IN YOUR THOUGHTS TONIGHT. Ronn Brookshire
January 14 near Glendale
Only 4 more days. BE THERE !!!
Chuck is great at trivia. Come see if you can beat him.
I have Leukemia cancer merchandise that I will be selling there. This will let me know what is going to sell better at the bowling fundraiser so I have enough.
Peter Piper Pizza wants to have a fundraiser for
Renee Elkins. They would take care of the flyers and we could set up the event here on facebook. Sounds good to me, more of a family thing. The kids would love it. Let me know what you think

Drunk Chuck Helps Tell Cancer To Go To Hell
January 18 at 3:00pm
Native New Yorker Bell Road in Phoenix, Arizona

Ronn Brookshire

January 14 near Glendale
Peter Piper Pizza wants to have a fundraiser for Renee Elkins. They would take care of the flyers and we could set up the event here on Facebook. Sounds good to me, more of a family thing. The kids would love it. Let me know what you think.  Jessica Larson posted to Renee Elkins
January 14 via mobile
Thinking a lot about you Renee Elkins!!! Check out my profile picture and cover picture:) Jessica Larson
January 14
Hi gorgeous.... I want to know how today goes:) I you and miss you!!!! Keith Callahan
January 14
Sharing in honor of Renee Elkins!

Ronn Brookshire

January 14
Renee Elkins update. Been a few days and since there weren't any changes that was good.
She went to the doctor today to give a little blood and get the results of her biopsy. There were a few questions about it but the final result as that it wasn't bad but not conclusive. So she will get it tested again Thursday and again next Monday. Depending on the results of the blood test she will get another biopsy. And we start all over again. If I mis-quoted
Glenna Brookshire-Morris, I' m sure I will be corrected, lol.
As some of us know all of this not knowing can cause depression. The doc asked Renee what she wanted to take for the depression and, to quote her, "I don't know, I have never been depressed before. That sounds like my girl. Damn, I LOVE HER !!!!

HMMMMM. Just thinking here. If she's feeling well enough, maybe we can talk
Shawn Elkins into taking her to Chuck Pierce's event Friday for a short time.

— with Tawni Gray and 14 others.
  • Shawn Elkins Like it’s up to me at all... she goes where she
  • Ronn Brookshire True but you can offer to take her and take a vacation from the 2 jobs you are working to try and keep the bills caught up
  • Chuck Pierce Sounds like a great idea to me
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo Shawn, are you saying Ne is stubborn? Lol! She definitely has a mind of her own. THAT'S MY GIRL! Love you ALL ( but , mostly Ne)
  • Shawn Elkins Blah blah blah Michelle Ouellette Castillo not saying anything.... she's still mulling over the idea. But still not sure if public places are where she should be with all the flu hope.
  • Renee Clark you r right Shawn..the flu is crazy!!
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January 14

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January 14

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January 15
My health won't allow me to do this. To those that can please do.
The DBacks donated 4 tickets and parking passes for my daughter’s fundraiser. She was declared free of Lymphoma in October and after Thanksgiving she was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. They are a great and compassionate organization.

Ready. Set. Register for our 5k Race Against Cancer on February 9 before Fan Fest: 
Misty Marie posted to Glenna Brookshire-Morris
January 15
HEY YOU... How did Renee’s appt. go yesterday?? I will get with you SOON to drop off donations... Sorry - was VERY yucky tummy yesterday (didn’t even throw league last nite) Taking my momma to her appt. today. Call ya tomorrow?? ((hugs))

Ronn Brookshire
January 16 near Glendale
Just got this from Spinneret Graphics:
Hi Ronn,
I received your image file, and I can make it work. I also received your payment, so we are all good to go.
On another note, I'd like to help you at as much as I can with selling shirts and raising funds for medical expenses. I could post something on my website and Facebook page at the very least if you'd like me to.
Best wishes,
Alysa Morgan posted to Renee Elkins
January 17 near Surprise
Renee, you are the stingray women I know. Your someone I look up to and what you have done proves to me that if you can get through anything, so can I. Happy birthday Ney Net, I'm so lucky to still have you in my life and share a birthday with you. Because tomorrow is our cancer awareness game I made a poster just for you, I chose Lymphoma because it’s something that doesn't hold you back. Just know j play for you now, not anyone else. You are one of the people I look up to and know that I can get through anything. I love you Ney Ney, I hope your day is as good as it can be.
Renee's Road
by Ronn Brookshire (Notes) on Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 9:18am
I Love you more than you can know.
You have traveled many ROADS to get where you are.
I have been praised on raising you and your sisters by myself. Back in the 70's it was unheard of for men to raise their families, but I had help. At 10 your first ROAD was in helping me raise your sisters and all the accolades go to you, without your woman's touch my family would have been so much different.
At 15 you came to a fork in your ROAD. As almost all teenagers you knew more the your father. Just like an angel you started spreading your wings.  The ROAD you took at first seemed like the wrong ROAD. School was not a high priority for you so you started experimenting with everything that you came in touch with. Of course I had no idea what to do with you. Taking this ROAD you showed your sisters what not to do and actually helped them become what they are today.
Then you met Shawn and your second ROAD was taken. With him you really looked like you going down the wrong ROAD. And you both did for awhile. You got married and the both of you did things that you wished could be changed. Life already lived cannot be changed. If you lived your life differently this ROAD would not have been taken. By taking this ROAD you created your three children and your granddaughter.
You and Shawn and the rest of your family, by this I mean all of the children that call you mom, have taken many ROADS. to get to the present day.
Last April you came down with Lymphoma. This ROAD was not one you understood but you fought it and got back to the right ROAD. Your last chemo treatment was in September and you were declared cancer free in October.
Thanksgiving came and went and you were planning another great Christmas. Five days later you were run off the ROAD. As usual you didn't let anyone know that you were hurting again and you went to the emergency room by yourself. At first they didn't know what was wrong so you were forced to call your family because they were going to admit you for more testing. I was called and told to sit down and not to worry, but that Renee was at the hospital again. Two days later we were told that you had AML Leukemia and you were moved to the Oncology wing. We spent one of the best Christmas's of our lives because there was nothing but love in the room. Finally you were allowed to go home on Jan 2, 2013 to get a rest from the hospital.
You are a mother and wife that shows so much love to the world. Just like I did, you have taken so many young girls into your life and turned them into women. I tried with a little success but you showed me how it was really done.
You are probably wondering whether you took the wrong Road this time but I believe that this ROAD will come to a fork and you will take the right ROAD. The wrong ROAD could actually be the right ROAD by showing everyone that strangers, friends and family can come together for a common cause. So many here on Facebook pray that you will get better. Their love is overwhelming.
This ROADS ending can only finished by you, with you crossing the finish line and  everyone cheering you on. I know your mother is watching from above and she is cheering for you also.
Your future ROADS are not certain at this time but all we know is it will be the right ROAD
Love from your family and friends.
Dad Renee Elkins
January 18
Heading to Drunk Chuck Helps Tell Cancer To Go To Hell as soon as Shawn Elkins gets home from work should be there around 5 Ronn Brookshire
January 18 near Glendale
Just got home from Native New Yorker. Not as many showed up that said they would be there. For a small turnout we collected $345. Renee Elkins showed up and was there for a little over an hour. Chuck held up his name and was well on his way to his name Drunk Chuck. His mom's Banana Bread collected $80 in donations for 5 loaves. Chuck got another $89 in donations from his Trivia friends. The rest was from the cancer merchandise and donations from Denn Kennis-Fred Budrick Automotive Muscle and Cater 2 your Wishes. All in all I think it was a good night. — with Glenna Brookshire-Morris and 6 others.
  • Michelle Minton-Vandenberg Sorry we couldn't be there, we had our Cancer Night for the Girls Basketball Team. We had a packed house and raised more money than we have before. It was amazing!! Alysa made her sign for Renee and displayed it in her honor, she was there in spirit!!!!
  • Rachel McFadden Sorry Dad, I was in Prescott all weekend. But I would have love to have been there. See you next weekend.
  • Ronn Brookshire no problem
Mike Kelley posted to Ronn Brookshire
January 18 near Spokane, WA
Hey Ron. just spoke to a friend who owns Stand Up Scottsdale Comedy Club. They would like to donate a couple tickets for the silent auction I will try to get it set up for you to go by and pick them up. Does that work? Ronn Brookshire
January 19 near Glendale
Howard Hughes, owner of the Stand Up Scottsdale Comedy Club has just offered 2 tickets/appetizers/burgers and a drink for the Silent Auction at the StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins. TY Mike Kelley for making this happen — with Renee Elkins and 16 others. Ronn Brookshire
January 19 near Glendale
Glenna Brookshire-Morris just left Stand Up Scottsdale. Howard Hughes gave her a gift certificate for $100. He also suggested having a benefit show at the club. I'm starting to get overwhelmed with the goodness that strangers show. He actually was in Renee Elkins graduation class at Thunderbird Alums along with Mike Kelley.
Guess my days are going to be getting all of these fundraisers going. 1 down 5 more to go. — with
Tamara Kinyon and 11 others.
Ronn Brookshire
January 19

Renee Elkins
January 20
I really need to get some packing done but my back hurts
  • Jessica Larson When are you moving?
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire make everyone else do it. yourself! Over work u don’t need to
  • Ashley Chamberlin Brookshire wow... that got messed up....... you don’t need to over work yourself!! THERE YOU GO!!! lol
  • Renee Elkins moving march 1st and there is only me Shawn and Alexus. Alexus will help me and Shawn can only do so much and when I go back into the hospital he will basically be on his own. just trying to get some done before then
  • Larriane Wills u have a place to go yet?
  • Tamara Kinyon I can help!!
  • Renee Elkins yes we do 59th and Peoria and thanks Tamara but just trying to do a little here and there no major packing yet
  • Renee Clark Take it easy and call on friends and family to assist! Praying for pain free days for you! I am going to plan on a trip to AZ in the near future. Hope to meet you then!!!
  • Renee Elkins that would be nice
  • Renee Clark I think of you daily.. Odd how that happens in life
  • Larriane Wills got a trailer you could barrow that will hold as much as 4 or 5 pickups if you want to move as much as possible all at once.
  • Tamara Kinyon You just let me know when the time comes for moving. I can't do a whole lot w the one handed thing but I'm a hell of a delegator. Lol
  • Renee Elkins alright thanks Tamar a
  • Terri Pajewski We would love to help if you want us to
  • Diana Reece we have a trailer to and you could use it
  • Jasmine Gray depending on what days you need packing done me and Tawni can help!
  • Renee Elkins thank you
  • Geramie Malone Hey, when the time comes for moving let me know. Your moving right down the street from us! If you need help, we have a truck and a friend we can bring to lift heavy stuff plus me and Jarrett. Heck, we can even put Maddie to work.
  • Renee Elkins ok ty
  • Alexis Hentze that a mile from me I live on 51 aver Peoria across the street from sprouts
  • Keith Callahan My help is available also!
Renee Elkins
January 20
I want to go back to work Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living I miss everyone and I am so freakin bored I could just scream.
  • Keith Callahan Praying that you will soon be able to return to work, if that is your wish!
  • Cathy Moore We all miss you so very much , I really miss your laughter , I would hear you laughing way down the hallway it would always put a smile on my face , Praying for you sweetie ,
  • Susan Mary Parks We miss you too and can't wait for you to return!!!!!!
  • Carol Oliverio You need your rest!
  • Marc Adelman We all want you back soon. You are so missed. It's not the same without you. Get well soon.
  • Carolyn Aldana Miss you so much honey, just not the same without you. you are so strong and such an amazing woman, we know you will beat this one too. I pray for you daily be sure you do the same, our strength comes from the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ronn Brookshire
January 20 near Glendale
I think everyone could tell by my post earlier, I was getting frustrated before I went bowling. My faith in people was restored 10 minutes after I got to the bowling alley. First Richard Kasting Jr. came to tell me a bar/restaurant would give us 10% of Super Bowl Sundays sale if we set up an event on Facebook. Last year they had a bad year and still grossed $5,000.. Then Darius Steen handed me 3 gift certificates for Peter Piper Pizza ( We will set up a date for the fundraiser after this one is over). Mike Prill handed me a $25 gift card. Dennis Tippie gave me $40. Connie S Robinson-Madison and Russ Madison gave me 2 Harkins $10 VIP Movie Passes and a $25 Marconi gift card. Ellen Carver and Robert Mooney gave me a $25 gift certificate for the Pointe Hilton Cliffs Resort. Lynda Penseyres-Fernholz's company All Wood Trophy is purchasing a TV to raffle off. Michelle Minton-Vandenberg brought a box of goodies for sale and door prizes. Then Anita Silcott and her husband Bill came in with a Deep Fryer and 2 bags of goodies for door prizes. Door prizes from Shelly Walters and Paula Desoto.
Had Several people tell me about walk-ins that we would be getting. They didn't use Facebook so they couldn't sign in as coming. also about 20 more confirmations
I found out that Herb the owner of Desert Bowler that wrote the article about Renee Elkins and the fundraiser is coming to the event.
All in all a very nice night.
I always paste this on Strikeout' wall and the Home wall — with
Renee Elkins and 19 others.
Jasmine Gray
January 20 near Buckeye
George getting his hair cut off and then were shaving it off completely! Lol! — with Tawni Gray and 2 others. Tawni Gray
January 20 near Buckeye
In the process of shaving George's head bald.. I'm just having a little fun — with George Echelberger.
Jasmine Gray
January 20
George's new look! Supporting my mom. — with Renee Elkins and 2 others.
Ronn Brookshire
January 21 near Glendale
I didn't talk to Renee Elkins very long today but enough to update everyone. Her oncologist told her she would be going back in the hospital next week, I'm assuming it is to start her chemo again. I also know she is overwhelmed and can't believe all of the support she is getting from everyone.
She told me she talked to her boss at Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living and she suggested a field trip for the residents so they could bowl. He wasn't sure if there was time but he would try. I think this would be awesome.
There is a good chance that Renee will be at the Fundraiser. If she goes nobody can hug her and she is supposed to wear a mask. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
Ronn Brookshire
January 21 near Glendale
All Wood Trophy brought me a 45" LG Smart 3D Television for Raffle on Saturday.
Props to Them.
Richard Kasting Jr.
January 22
Ok everyone....for the Superbowl party at lakeside bar and grill....they are so great they changed the original 10% of total sales to 15% for Renee Elkins. This is such great news. Ronn Brookshire is busting his hump 24/7 to help his daughter and other people and I only want to help. Please help us support Renee in this horrible fight she has been drug into. It’s a great environment, open to children, great friendly staff and amazing food and appetizers! Hope to see a bunch of my friends there. Thank you.
  • Keith Callahan Where is it?
  • Renee Elkins that is so great I am so blown away how people can be so generous thank you Rikky love you
  • Jennifer Kasting Powell We will be there brother. We r honored to be able to help ur friend. Renee is in our prayers.
  • Annette M Wood Kasting Renee, I'm Ricky's mom and my part in this is watching all of my grandchildren so that my children can be there for you. You’re in my prayers.
  • Renee Elkins Thank you Annette you have a good boy
Keith Callahan posted to Frankie O'Brien Totedo
January 22 near Phoenix
I'm inviting you to come bowl with me this Saturday in support of Renee Elkins and her family! Also want you to go to Lakeside Bar & Grill on Super Bowl Sunday as they are donating 15% towards the Elkins family!

Ronn Brookshire
January 22 near Glendale
Just received the items from my niece, Danielle Manganelli-Barnard, who along with her partner Leia Deaton (I hope that's how it's spelled), own Summer Girls Boutique. They decorated assorted glassware including sippy cups (I'm sure Tawni Gray will get one for Delilah May) with Leukemia images, a coupe plaques and a 5 disk set of, Garth Brooks to sell. Thank you to the both of you, they look awesome.
Misty Marie posted to Ronn Brookshire
January 23 via mobile
Just wanted to reach out to you... I just looked thru your page.. All I can say is wow. Takes my breathe away at what you’re doing. Thank you for being you. You have restored my faith that not everyone takes off when one is ill. You’re an amazing man, father, and friend... Ronn Brookshire
January 25
Renee Elkins favorite saying
It's time to take a stand and FIGHT! Click "LIKE or REPOST" if you are currently in the FIGHT or to show your support for those who are... No One FIGHTS Alone! FxCK CANCER

Ronn Brookshire
January 25
Renee Elkins favorite saying
It's time to take a stand and FIGHT! Click "LIKE or REPOST" if you are currently in the FIGHT or to show your support for those who are... No One FIGHTS Alone! FxCK CANCER

Ronn Brookshire
January 26 near Glendale
I'm off to Christown in 3 hours to start setting up the tables for Check-in, Merchandise, Shirts, Silent Auction, Raffles and Bake Sale. Please at least 15 minutes arrive early to check in.

George Echelberger
January 26
well getting ready to go bowling today for StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins its gonna be awesome — with Renee Elkins and 6 others
Sandra Yorgensen
posted to
Renee Elkins

January 26

Tara Hickey-Keehn
January 26
Rhonda Brookshire , Glenna Brookshire-Morris and of course dad did a wonderful job today!! Renee is very lucky to have you guys. — at StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins.
Renee Elkins
January 26
I just wanted to thank everyone who came out to StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins I am a little overwhelmed at the turn out it is more than I expected. Thank you dad Ronn Brookshire you did an AWSOME JOB NOW SIT THE F**K DOWN AND RELAX. I apologize if I did not get to talk to you or made my visit with you short I just was not feeling well again I am sorry. But it was great to see friends that I have not seen for years as well those that I see more frequently. THANK YOU EVERYONE HOPE YOU HAD FUN. Also so many more it won't let me tag any more. — with Tawni Gray and 19 others.
  • Jessica Larson I love you and I'm glad I got to see you Renee!!!
  • Misty Marie Good to see you!!!
  • Jason Raskin Your very welcome. Now you kick back and make sure you feel better and get well. Love ya nana
  • Michelle Minton-Vandenberg Smooches Mamma!!!!
  • Ellen Carver so good to see you and I won the TV
  • Rikki Hatara Great turn out, Ronn Brookshire kicked ass pulling it all together!!
  • Cathy Moore AWESOME, your Dad & Sisters, They Love you so much, I do too
  • Mike Kelley You just get better girl the next time we have a big party it'll be recovery celebration
  • Jamie Sandell McClafferty Love you
  • Tamara Kinyon Fun was had by all!!! Jessica and I kicked ass selling those t-shirts too. I forgot mine. Lol love you girl!! Put your mask on!!! Jk lol!!!
  • Terri Pajewski We had a great time I hope you feel better soon
  • John Brinkerhoff was great seeing all of my old friends at Christown today love you Renee
  • April Busald Renee, love you and so happy to see you today and sorry for the tears. I am so glad I was able to be a part of the event today!
  • Jaykerz Pajewski Thanks for letting us be a part of it!! I enjoyed it.. Hope you feel better...
  • Ronn Brookshire Just posted at the event site totals collected
  • Keith Callahan Renee, you looked awesome today and your spirit inspired me. It was really great to see you. Love, Casey!
  • Renee Clark Glad you all had a great turn out!!
  • Ronn Brookshire TY Renee, the package was here when we got home. Thank you very much
  • Renee Clark Did u like the surprise in the bag?
  • Ronn Brookshire Yes thanks do u know what year the baseballs were signed?
  • Renee Clark I've collected them since the very early 90s. These guys meet up every year in Sarasota Florida for baseball haven. They r the retired Cincinnati Reds players. Up until the past 4 years I went for a few days with my mother and stepdad. They need to be in a case to preserve the signatures.
  • Renee Clark One is for you if you so choose to accept.
  • Ronn Brookshire Ty I will
Ronn Brookshire
January 27 near Glendale
Glenna Brookshire-Morris told me tonight that Renee Elkins wanted any leftovers from the Bake Sale to go to the nurses at Banner Estrella Hospital. I wrote in my notes on the Strikeout page, that those who don't know Renee personally, that she is a very compassionate woman.
I had been working part time since I retired and got laid off in October. For some reason I didn't try to find another job. Although money is very tight my new job is now helping Renee. God works in mysterious ways that we don't understand until after it has taken place. Now you can understand why I have gone to so much trouble in raising money to help her.
Thank you all for making my new job a success. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others.
  • Ellen Carver Ronn you are an amazing man and I'm proud to call you my friend, and your girls are very lucky to have you for a father, to bad all men aren't like you
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce Yes, I agree!! You and my husband are the two best dads I know!!!!
Ronn Brookshire 
January 27 near Glendale
6 days until Super Bowl Sunday. Lakeside will hold 350 lets fill it up. Go here to add your name to the partyers. Renee Elkins
January 28
I want hot pastrami with Swiss cheese on an onion Kaiser Roll and a side of Cole slaw. Omg doesn't that sound so freakin good
  • Matthew Norris I'll take one please.
  • Renee Elkins me too
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris I agree with you that sounds yummy!!
  • Terri Pajewski YUMMY
  • Suzi Hale Me 3!!! Sounds so yummy!!!
  • Jamie Sandell McClafferty Pick me, pick me!
  • Shawn Elkins So now the question is who knows a place to get 1....
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris Jason's Deli!!!
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris of if you can find a Miracle Mile Deli
  • Suzi Hale Guess you ate going to the deli for everyone, Shawn!!! Lol
  • Shawn Elkins Gotta be within 15 miles of my house out in
  • Renee Elkins Sholtzkys Deli
  • Renee Elkins it’s on your way home
  • Carver John right on Renee that a awesome place to eat you got to try their pizza it freaking good
  • Terri Pajewski Ronnie's or better yet homemade
  • Carolyn Aldana I’m hungry! Just got in and of couse kitchen is closed
  • Renee Elkins go to the nurses office they should have sandwiches and possibly small fruit plates not much but something to snack on
  • Carolyn Aldana thanks hon, how are you feeling? I hope you are getting to feeling better. My prayers are with you day and night. I had my 4th week of chaplaincy school tonight, it is so fascinating, we were praying before the class started and worshipping in song and the Holy Spirit was soooo evident in the room!! When we finally stopped praying I was dizzy just from His presence. Wish you were with us! I love you.
  • Renee Elkins feeling ok right now but I have to go back into the hospital next week sometime
  • Carolyn Aldana For what? Don't they do chemo outpatient or even in your home if you need it?
  • Renee Elkins the type of chemo they are doing on me completely wipes out my immune system and I get nutripenic so I am safer in the hospital till my white blood cell count come up. last time my count was like 60 at one point and normal persons is around 4000
  • Carolyn Aldana OH hon I am so sorry, I wish I could come see you, but I have MIR
  • Carolyn Aldana MIRSA in my system and would die if I got you sick in ANY way
  • Renee Elkins it’s all good
  • Renee Elkins right that would not be good
  • Carolyn Aldana NO it would not, but you are in my heart and the Lord has you safe in his arms, so keep up the good spirits, you are one AMAZINGLY strong woman; I really admire you! Got to go to bed, meds are kicking in. Talk to you tomorrow. Be safe.
  • Renee Elkins mine too lol good night
  • Carolyn Aldana gn
Round 2 Starts....Jan 29, 2013

Round 2 Day 1

Ronn Brookshire
January 29 near Glendale
Dropped the baked goods off at the hospital. They said Renee Elkins name was in the morning reports, so they are expecting her and that she was so sweet. She will find out when she goes in after seeing her oncologist today. Will let you know later when she tells ma and after the girls are told. Not going to get yelled at again, lol.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb No one should be yelling at you after all your hard work
  • Ronn Brookshire She doesn't like the girls to find out things from facebook before she can tell them. She doesn't really yell, just says "DAD". And I have done it a few times before.
Ronn Brookshire
January 29 near Glendale

5 Days until Super Bowl Party.
Lakeside Bar and Grill is donating 15% of sale to StrikeOut Leukemia for
Renee Elkins.
Daniel Mead at Spinneret Graphics said guaranteed we would have the new shirts by Saturday.


Ronn Brookshire
January 29 near Glendale
Renee Elkins called and told me as soon as she was done with the laundry she was going back in the hospital by 4pm. Of course we are all nervous but we knew it was going to happen. We just want it all to get done. The support she received for the short time she was at the fundraiser really got to her. They all wished she could have stayed longer but understood that she didn't feel good and were happy to see her. Saturday I met some of her friends that I didn't know and each and everyone told me how much she was loved.
I love each and everyone who has sent prayers have and helped her
Shawn Elkins
January 29 via mobile
Getting Renee checked in... Tawni Gray
January 29 near Buckeye via mobile
Well my mom went back into the hospital today around 4pm. She will be in the hospital for about a month. Please pray for recovery. This next chemo therapy is going to take away a lot of her energy and she won't have an immune system. So just reminding every one who will be visiting her while she is in the hospital, please wear a mask.
  • Ronn Brookshire I'll be there all day tomorrow and each day after. Love ya she is tough and will be alright.
  • Emily Marie Praying for u tawni
  • Emily Marie & her
  • Shawn Elkins If your sick just send prayers pls
  • Lauren McCoy She is certainly in my prayers. Your mother is an incredibly strong woman.
  • Renee Clark praying for your well as your family...Praying this time go round she will be cured. God is in the miracle business!
  • Cathy Moore Bill and I are praying for Her ,And you and your family as well Take care sweetie
  • Shawn Elkins Same as last time 6 Round of chemo in 5 days starting tomorrow morning
  • Renee Clark very intense chemo. Ive read about it. Hang in there you all.
  • Wendy Isaacson Aw. God will protect her love. She's in the hands of The Lord
  • Tawni Gray Thank you everyone
  • Crystal Hoisington Good luck Hope all goes well..prayers coming your way!
  • Keith Callahan Wishing for nothing but the best for you, Renee, prayers coming your way for comfort and very little pain during your hospital stay!
  • Michael Torrez myay my pryer be with u and for you mom I would send u flowers so she knows she has people preying for her
Michelle Ouellette Castilloposted toRenee Elkins
January 29 near Lakeland, FL
REAKIN LOVE YOU NE!!!!!! Garsh! We gotta figure out a plan.... 
Renee Elkins
January 29
all checked in had dinner I guess I'm ready for the long hall now — at Banner Estrella Medical Center. January 29 near Phoenix
well it's been a long day end of day 1 @ Banner Estrella Medical Center
  • Keith Callahan Hope it went well for you, good night friend!
  • Matthew Norris Stay strong girl!
  • Ronn Brookshire see ya in the morning
  • Diane Ward Thinking of you! Hope you have a good day today! You can and will do this!
  • Suzi Hale Just one day at a time and before u know it will be done! Please know mine and Wade's thoughts are with you, everyday! Thank god you have such a wonderful dad and a whole lot of friends and family for the Cyrus support u need thrust all this. Much love being sent your way, Renee!!!
Round 2 Day 2

Ronn Brookshire
January 30
Day 2.
Was going to wait to post. Renee Elkins is in a good mood and trying to get some sleep since she didn't sleep well last night. Started her chemo about an hour ago. They were talking stem cell if i understood Renee right.
Nothing else right now.
Alysa Morgan
January 30 near Surprise
All it takes some faith, hope, and love to make it through the worst to get to the best. — with Renee Elkins.
Round 2 Day 3

Ronn Brookshire
January 31 near Glendale
Fix something to eat then off to the hospital to see Renee Elkins.

Ronn Brookshire
January 31 near Phoenix
Day 3
Found out today that
Renee Elkins sisters aren't matches. So now it goes to the national bone marrow to find one. It sometimes takes up to 6 weeks to find one. Here's hoping it doesn't take that long. She did get some sleep last night. Spirit is still on the positive side
Setting up a new fundraiser so check in a little later.
  • Mike Kelley Ron, what about getting the swab kits and getting people to sign up at the fundraisers?
  • Ronn Brookshire I will check up on them Mike Kelley
  • Terri Pajewski I'm in the National bone marrow bank
  • Juan C. Hernandez Ron every thing will work out and she will get one i wish mine was a match but that one in 100 but there is one and it will b soon . Hope for the best
  • Gail Larsen Cobb It took my friend 3 weeks so I will pray she gets a donor soon.
  • Ronn Brookshire Ty
  • Rikki Hatara The kits are so easy and painless....couldn't hurt to have some on hand for the fundraisers. Keep in mind, you (donor) cannot specify a particular patient to donate to, but you could still end up helping someone else in a similar situation. Ronn Brookshire, have the twins been tested?
  • Ronn Brookshire Yes
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce Still praying, Ron
Renee Elkins
January 31
Day 3 all is good so far no complications have a great night everyone — at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
  • Carolyn Aldana sorry it took me so long to respond,, I've been studying my you know what off. I am glad to hear that all seems to be going well for now, our table was talking about you at lunch today and how much we miss you. So Hello from Mario, Jennifer, Helen, Bill, and Ronnie we all love you and are praying for you! Love you carolyn
  • Renee Elkins Thanks I really miss you guys too. Tell everyone I said hello. Please
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo I love you.
Round 2 Day 4

Ronn Brookshire
February 1 near Phoenix
Day 4
Renee Elkins just finished her first chemo of the day. She now is getting 2 units of blood then a little later more chemo. Not a bad day considering. Of course any day you wake up is a good day. Pain is under control and the nausea isn't to bad today. Brought her down some movies yesterday to help pass the time. She watched part of one last night before she crashed.
Later all — with Tawni Gray and 6 others. February 1
Hi Renee , Here are some flowers for you , I hope you like them , Been thinking of you , Praying for your healing , will chat with you later sending Hugs , Love your way Cathy & Cieanna ,Bill
This beautiful blushy pink rose is called Peekaboo..
Photo: ***CONTEST TIME***
This beautiful blushy pink rose is called Peekaboo.
Who would like this arrangement of two dozen? We will randomly give it away to one of the responders to this post.
Please keep in mind the winner is chosen completely at random. Round 2 Day 5

Ronn Brookshire
February 2 near Phoenix
Day 5
Not a good day for
Renee Elkins. Doesn't feel good. Heart rate is below 50 so they have her on a heart monitor. Color isn't the best and she is very restless. Heart technician said not to worry that they were just watching and making sure everything was as it should be. Asked her if heart condition ran in the family and I raised my hand, lol. Rest is hard for her, tossing and turning.
More later if anything changes. — with
Tawni Gray and 16 others.
Tawni Gray February 2 near Buckeye
Just got off skype with my mom. i miss her so much and i can tell Delilah misses her as well. Wishing we could go to the hospital and visit her, but its more safe to stay home then possibly getting her sick even when wearing a mask. love you mom, hope tomorrow is a better day for you. goodnight — with Renee Elkins.
Michelle Ouellette Castillo
February 2
I LOVE RENEE ELKINS! My thermometer twin! BE WELL BE WELL PLEASE BE WELL! — with Renee Elkins. Ronn Brookshire shared a link.
February 2 near Glendale
StrikeOut Leukemia for Renee Elkins presents Rich Voss. Rich Vos is a seasoned comedian with decades of stand-up experience. Vos starred in the first and third seasons of "Last Comic Standing," has two Comedy Central specials and is a regular on the Opie and Anthony Show.

Round 2 Day 6

Renee Elkins
February 3 near Phoenix
Just talked to the cardiologist about my low heart rate. He said he isn't worried about it since I do not have any other symptoms. He said it could be low because I have been so nauseated. The last time they checked my vitals my heart rate was up about 12 beats to make it 49 and my blood pressure was back down into the normal rage 111/? still a little high for me but down from 155/65. So seems to be getting better. On the up side my sister just went to macyos to get us some lunch. So excited so hungry. I love mexican food. Thank you Rhonda Brookshire. — with Tawni Gray and 6 others. Shawn Elkins
February 3
Come join us and watch the game — with Renee Elkins and 9 others at Lakeside Bar & Grill. 
Jessica Larson
February 3
#februarychallange #day3 #rolemodel Renee because she is such a strong, loving mother and friend — with Renee Elkins.
Keith Callahanposted toRonn Brookshire
February 3 near Phoenix
Will you have any shirts at the Lakeside today? I need a black XL.

Ronn Brookshire
February 3 near Glendale
Too screwed up will post tomorrow love you all Round 2 Day 

Ronn Brookshireposted toSuper Bowl Sunday
February 4
Turnout was smaller than expected but we did $630 in sales and donations last night. The Bon Jovi Wine raffled for $248.00 with Casey Keith Callahan winning it. Don't know what our percentage of sales last night yet. Our waitress, Kara, was our best saleswoman for the raffle she sold almost everyone at her tables. As I was going around thanking people for helping and I met Frank and his wife. They have been involved with with Lymphoma and Leukemia fundraising for 5 years with While at the bowling alley Sunday morning I met Donna and her son. She saw my shirt and showed hers "My Son is My Hero". He has been in remission from leukemia for 2 years. I am going to get her in touch with Frank so he can help her with a fundraiser at
Team In Training
If crossing the finish line after running or walking 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles, cycling 100 miles, completing a triathlon or hiking adventure while helping cure deadly diseases are things you've always wanted to accomplish, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training® will make them happen....
Ronn Brookshire
February 5 near Phoenix
Day 7 I was bowling then left there and went to the fundraiser. Day 7 I was recuperating from Day 6.
Renee Elkins finished this round of chemo on Day 7. Her platlets are low so an infusion is set for tomorrow. It seems that she has been tired every since the chemo started this time around. Hopefully it will turn around after tomorrows infusion. Sleeping right now. No news on donor.
All for now. Later
  • Rikki Hatara Thanks Ronn Brookshire for the update....keep em coming!
  • Ronn Brookshire nausea is bad right now
  • Shawn Tweedy our prayers go to you all
  • Geramie Malone Do you still have our donor id #s?
  • Donna Que Do you have Zofran or Hydroxyzine for the nausea? This little pill works wonders for my boy. Renee is in my Prayers!
  • Ellen Carver donna I met you and your little boy Sunday morning at the bowling alley and we talked for awhile. I'm the one that invited you to join my team on Sunday nites
  • Ronn Brookshire They are looking at national now Geramie Malone. Don't know what she is taking Donna Quinonez. They check every 15 minutes or so. Dr. Came and checked also.
  • Cathy Moore Thanks for letting us know whats going on , Please give her a hug for me
  • Renee Clark Thanks for the update. Now please rest!
  • Ronn Brookshire I rested all day yesterday
  • Susan Mary Parks Continuing to pray!!!! Thank you so much for the updates!
Round 2 Day 9

Ronn Brookshire
February 6 near Glendale
Not going to the hospital to see Renee Elkins today. The house we are renting has been put up for sale. After Tony got home from school he stopped someone who wanted to look at the house from coming into the house. Didn't call or even knock, just had the key in the lock. Glenna called the agent and he said they could do what they wanted and he wouldn't give the name of his boss and told us we couldn't change the locks. Guess he doesn't know the law. Tennant/owner specifies minimum notice of 24-48 hours or criminal action could be filed especially with a minor child in the house.
Glenna called Tara(our agent and friend) she got the name of the real estate company and told us to email them state the above and have him removed from the listing since he evidently doesn't know the law.
I called Renee to let her know. Hate calling because it seems I always wake her up when I do.
Sheri Brookshire
February 6
FYI to my AZ Facebook family. Sounds like a good show. I'm just trying to help my Niece Renee Elkins get the word out. Thanks :) 

Ronn Brookshire

February 6 near Glendale
Reserve Your Seat $15.00 online or call (480) 882-0730
Use this link to let us know you are going. 190 seats available.
If we get more they will have a second show.

Round 2 Day 10


Ronn Brookshire
February 7 near Phoenix
Day 10
Renee Elkins feels sick to her stomach at the moment. Just put another blanket on her cause she told me she was cold. They started some more platlets about 2 hours ago, which is probably the reason she is nauseous. Knowing why doesn't make her feel better but helps us to understand . She is trying her best to sleep but it's not working. They are now bring in some warm blankets. Not a good day!!!! Temp was normal 3 minutes ago but Steve just said it was going up. Pain meds and Tylenol to try and help. Hate seeing her like this.
Update later if anything changes.
  • Rikki Hatara Poor girl!! Give her our love and let me know if you need anything.
  • Tamara Kinyon Love you guys!!!
  • Ronn Brookshire Will do
  • Terri Pajewski Ron I know Shawn well and if there's ever anything that I can do to help Renee please let me know if you guys need me to bring you food or anything I tried off the hospital every day on my way to and from work I would be more than happy to bring something for anything else that you guys need please just let me know
  • Ronn Brookshire Thank you Terri Pajewski
  • Lorna Housenga All continue with your prayers for Renee - pray without ceasing.
  • Terri Pajewski I am praying my family is praying and my church is praying Continually for Renee and her family
  • Ronn Brookshire Ty both. What she needs right now is rest. I took her phone and turned down the ringer.
  • Terri Pajewski
  • Keith Callahan Praying earnestly for relief and comfort!
  • Cathy Moore Praying for her as well , also for her family So sorry you all are going through this take care
  • Ronn Brookshire Doing better now. Got her some strawberry ice cream
  • Cathy Moore praying for Renee to have peace comfort I pray for her meds to work
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Extra prayers
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce Prayers coming...
  • April Busald Give her big hugs for me, please.
  • Theodore L Murphey We want to hear that Renee is doing good. We wish her well! Love to you and your family, Sherry & Ted Murphey.
Round 2 Day 11

Renee Elkins
February 8 via mobile
They took my dad down to the er he was having chest pains — with Tawni Gray and 4 others. Wanda Lovejoy posted to Ronn Brookshire
February 8
Hello Ronn, I just wanted to say what an amazing father you are. But I'm not surprised because you have always been there for your girls. I just watch your post and the love you have for your daughter pours out of your heart and onto the pages. We are all praying for Renee. And praying as well for your strength. Round 2 Day 12
Ronn Brookshire February 9 near Phoenix
Day 12
Renee Elkins and I are on different floors she is still in my heart. Talked to her this morning. They are now leaning towards a bacterial infection that is the cause of her fever, they are just not sure what kind. Glenna Brookshire-Morris told me she is looking better today. As soon as they decide to release me I will go and check on her. She said her nurse mentioned the commotion I caused yesterday. Damn but it did get busy in her room. We are so close yet so faraway. Need to get home and get things ready for bowling tomorrow.
Later all. — with
Renee Elkins and 7 others.
  • Rikki Hatara Dammit Ronn Brookshire, stay in bed...bowling will go on without you!
  • Tamara Kinyon Yikes!! I love you!! I'm praying for all of you!!
  • Ellen Carver Ronn u have good help with your officers let them take some of the slack
  • Lorna Housenga Need - need - need - shoulda, coulda, woulda. Shut up Ronn you are sick and so is you daughter. God will answer prayer but you have to make a effort on your part. Stubborn old man. lol
  • Louise Turnbull Bryce Take care of yourself, Ronn. Renee needs you to be healthy. Do what the doctor recommends. We are praying for your whole family!!!!
  • Cathy Moore praying for you both , take care of your self God Bless You All !!!!!!
Patricia Polomskyposted toRenee Elkins
February 9
Here is a copy of the intention I sent and will be read by Brother Daniel Korn and fellow priests then will be placed under the original icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help in Rome at the church of St. Alfonso. Love you Nenee.

Mary, health of the sick, you brought forth into our world Jesus Christ, our Divine Healer. In your caring goodness, intercede for Renee Elkins, who is truly in need of miraculous assistance.

If it be God’s will, I ask this day that the gift of healing from all forms of cancer be granted to Renee Elkins. Comfort her during times of anguish, pain, confusion and despair. Ask our gracious Savior to grant her physical health, inner peace and patience in suffering.

May God’s healing graces grant Renee Elkins a life of happiness, health and fulfillment here on earth, and one day the joy of eternal glory in His loving embrace. Amen.
Ronn Brookshire
February 9 near Phoenix
Home in my own bed. Everything came back normal. So stress is it. And before you say it I will much as I Round 2 Day 13

Ronn Brookshire
February 10
Day 13
Just talked to
Renee Elkins. She says she feels fine. But you know us Brookshires, if you can't see our eyes we could very well be lying. Although she would never tell a non-truth to me, lol.
Last night when I went to see her she told me the bacterial infection was in her blood and they think it started at her port. As of 10am today they haven't removed it but that was in their plans last night.
Not much more that I can say today but to tell her WE ALL LOVE HER and want this all to go away. Not sure if I will go in to see her today and if I don't she will understand since she sent me home last night.
Thank you all for your prayers for my baby.

— with Tawni Gray and 19 others.
Tawni Gray
February 10 near Buckeye
I miss my mom.. i haven't seen her in almost a month. get out of the hospital already! — with Renee Elkins. Round 2 Day 14Ronn Brookshire
February 11 near Phoenix
Day 14
My baby
Renee Elkins is very sick. Nausea vomiting and low grade fever at the present. The bacterial infection in her blood was at first suspected starting at her port. This has since has been diagnosed as " e coli ". How she got this bug is anyones guess. There are several different ways she could have gotten exposed. They have her on Cipro to fight it. The best thing for her now is rest..
Later all — with
Tawni Gray and 4 others.
Anthony Francisco
February 11
for thoese of you that are saved by Jesus please pray for Renee Elkins thank

Round 2 Day 15

Ronn Brookshire

February 12 near Phoenix
Day 15
Got here at the hospital to see
Renee Elkins. Prayers are working, this is the best she has looked since day 3. Smiling and all....Love it.
Thank you everyone. — with
Tawni Gray and 18 others..
Ronn Brookshire shared a link.
February 12 near Phoenix

Round 2 Day 16


Ronn Brookshire
February 13 near Phoenix
Day 16
I asked
Renee Elkins how he was feeling when I got here. Not as sprite as yesterday. Her mouth is sore and she has trouble eating. Fever is back, but Melissa says that it is caused by her body fighting.
Will sign the contract for Peter Piper this Sunday. Looks like it will be March 9th at Metro. Will set up event when it is finalized.
The doctors set Renee on fall alert. They think she has been showing signs of weakness and want to watch her a little closer.
She is now on 3 different antibiotics. Nausea comes easy with all she is getting.
Later same time tomorrow, give or take. — with
Tawni Gray and 11 others.
Alexuss Gray
February 13
*At the hospital with my mom.
Me; Whispers* "mom, are you sleeping?"
Renee Elkins: *Looks over.
Me: "i have an important question."
Mom; "Yes?"
Me: "Will you be my Valentine?♥ "
Mom : *Gets a huge smile. "I love you."
Me: "i love you too mom c': "

Cathy Moore So sweet

Round 2 Day 17


Ronn Brookshire
February 14 near Phoenix
Day 17
Renee Elkins Her face is so swollen. They took her down to ct so they could take pics of her mouth. Just drinking Ensure because it is so hard for her to eat.
They have to put in another IV because they needed more lines for all her meds.
She is so miserable and there isn't a think I can do, feel so helpless.

Later all — with
Tawni Gray and 12 others.
  • Mike Kelley Leukemia is making it's last stand before being evicted!!
  • Ronn Brookshire Melissa tried to get the iv in then called Matt. He gave up and called down for a portable ultra sound so they could get one in. Wandering veins and with her platlets so low they don't want the chance of bleeding.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Lots of prayers
  • Cathy Moore Prayers her way , take care of yourself
  • Lorna Housenga God love her - prayers going up and angels surrounding her. Love to all.
  • Jason Lamb Why is her face swollen
  • Ronn Brookshire Thats what they did the ct scan to find out
  • Lynda Penseyres-Fernholz praying for you all...Hand in there Renee you have a lot of love surrounding you..
  • Jessica Larson Love you Nay!
  • Ellen Carver Lots of love and prayers headed your way for all of you and Ronn you need to take it a little easy, I know it is hard when your kids are having a rough time of it, but Renee is strong and everyone is prayin g for her
  • Ronn Brookshire One of her worst days. Says she doesn't want to g o through this anymore, it hurts. I'm lost right now. Words are hard to find.
  • Ronn Brookshire Shawns Valentine balloons just got here
  • Donna Que Swollen Face- Could it be too much IV fluids? My son got like this then they stopped fluids for a while...
  • Tamara Kinyon Poor thing. It sounds awful!! I'm so sorry for her. Love you Ne!!
  • Ronn Brookshire Rapid response team just came in. Heart rate running to high.
  • Ronn Brookshire 5 nurses 3 doctors.
  • Ronn Brookshire If it starts again she will go to 2nd floor, cardiology/telementry. They got the heart rate under control. Was 165 now 118 and dropping. If no more problems she will stay on the 5 th
  • Danielle Manganelli-Barnard Sending love and prayers for comfort and strenghth to all of you.
  • Gail Larsen Cobb Extra prayers
  • Lorna Housenga Keep the faith - stand strong - we know our Lord and Saviour is in charge! You take care too old man. Love and prayers.
  • Shawn Elkins Thanks for keeping me posted while I'm working Ronn Brookshire
  • Ronn Brookshire everything is better now. Heartrate at 98 still high but much better. I thought Melissa was going to cry.
  • Jasmine Gray good its gone down..
  • Lorna Housenga Praying, praying, praying continuously. Love all.
  • Sheri Brookshire So sorry she is miserable and I know you are too watching this, I can't think of too many things that would be harder than being so helpless. The Love you all share is going to get you through, but, you know this already. Big Whoosh sent. and won't stop. I think about you all everyday.
Jasmine Gray
February 14 near Buckeye
I'm so scared.. It seems like every post I read about my mom and how shes doing is getting a little worse every time. keep your spirits high mom. you can do it! YOU CAN AND WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS! you have so many people supporting you and rooting you on. so many people that love you, miss you and just want you to get better. YOU CAN DO IT! hang in there. You're strong.

I wish I could come down there and see you.. But I can't risk it since i'm still sick... I'll see you soon.. i love you, Happy Valentines day mom — with
Renee Elkins.
Round 2 Day 18

Ronn Brookshire
February 15 near Phoenix
Day 18
Didn't get to the hospital untill 2:30 to see
Renee Elkins. Doing better than yesterday, but not by much. They are going to remove the port as soon as her platlets are high enough. They still think that is the cause of her fever. Possible going to use a pick for a couple of days.
  • Wanda Lovejoy Still praying to the God of Miracles, the One who created her can heal her.
Ronn Brookshire shared Shut Up I'm Still Talking's photo.
February 15
Get lots of Great Posts at : Shut Up I'm Still Talking

Shawn Elkins
February 15 via mobile
Correction there just gonna remove it today and let her heal and make sure there's no infection.
  • Jason Lamb Why was her face swollen yesterday
  • Shawn Elkins She's got esophagitis. Sores in her mouth and throat. The cells on the inside of her mouth sluf off and then grow back and die again and so on and so on...
  • Shawn Elkins When her white count comes up the sores should go away
  • Jason Lamb Well i hope that happens soon
  • Shawn Elkins Me too
  • Jason Lamb Can she have visitors
  • Shawn Elkins Ya as long as your not sick.
  • Jason Lamb I should wait i feel fine but i can't kick this cough
  • Patricia Polomsky How is she feeling?,
  • Tawni Gray same here jason, i have a cough that wont seem to go away.. i hope mom is feeling better today. love you guys
  • Jason Lamb Stupid smokers cough
Round 2 Day 19

Michelle Ouellette Castilloposted toRenee Elkins
February 16 via BlackBerry Smartphones App
What's happening? Someone please update

Ronn Brookshire
February 16
Walked into the room this morning and
Renee Elkins was attempting to eat breakfast. And by attempting I mean just that. The smell makes her sick. Pain level is 7 right now. Don't remember if I mentioned it yesterday but she is on calorie count. The chemo has her mouth so sore it's even hard to drink. Even though she doesn't want to be fed through an IV she probably has no choice.
2:00 is
Delilah May's birthday party. Going to get the Skype going so they can see each other. Not the same as LIVE but back in my day if u weren't there you had to wait for the pictures to be developed. You young ones by this I mean from film. You had to take in the negatives to get copies of the ones you liked. Minimum of one week.
I sit here and ponder back 43 years to the time Renee was born during the worst winter recorded in Montana. Both of my mother-in-laws, Wanda and Rosie, were there for the birth of their first grandchild. I didn't say granddaughter because we had no idea if it was a boy or girl. The dark ages of medicine. I would have never have believed that I would be holding her the same now as back then, vowing to take care of her.
She is still my baby. — with
Tawni Gray and 19 others at Banner Estrella Medical Center.
  • Lorna Housenga You're the best.
  • Ivy Hutchison · 3 mutual friends
  • Can she do smoothies? Those soothe a sore mouth while providing a ton of nutrients. You don't even have to use dairy, soy milk and almond milk work almost as well. They were a lifesaver (literally) when I couldn't keep solid food down for almost three months.
  • Ronn Brookshire Probably Ivy she does shaved ice
  • Ivy Hutchison · 3 mutual friends
  • Pinterest has a ton of recipes too. Here's a good starting point.
  • Super-Healthy Smoothies
  • These delicious healthy smoothie recipes make it easy to eat healthy with fruit,...See More
  • Ronn Brookshire She wants one later
  • Mike Kelley get a pink star at jamba. tastes like starburst. its not on the menu but they know what it is
  • Trina D Tate-Hughes can she have visitor?
  • Glenna Brookshire-Morris Yes she can as long you are not sick
  • Tamara Kinyon From a nutritionist Opinion I'd be careful of citrus, it may burn her mouth. Stay away from soy. Most all of it is GMO and not good for her or anyone else. And send lots of love, hugs and kisses!!! I love you girl!!
  • Ivy Hutchison · 3 mutual friends
  • I don't use soy myself, I just thought it might be a little self righteous to rule it out as an option. At this point it sounds like anything is better than nothing.
  • Ronn Brookshire Taking her vitals every 15 minutes
  • Tamara Kinyon I'm so sad for her. It seems that this round has been worse. I'll keep praying!!!
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo I love you daddy, and of course Renee Elkins is the love of my life. Rest is best Ne. I'm so sorry this is so hard on you. I wish I were there so badly.
  • Deanna Ashton · Friends with Tamara Kinyon and 2 others
  • Sending her strength and love.
  • Jullina Pousson-krasner Yes.ron it does not matter how old they are u still want to take care of them in sickness n in heslth n try to protect them as much as you can or as much as they will let you n they will always be your babies. Mt prayer and thoughts go out to renee n family god will keep her safe.
  • Sheri Brookshire Prayers never stop, she has no shortage there ! A lot of fine folks are praying hard for all of you<3
  • Michelle Ouellette Castillo What's going on now? Too quiet.
  • Ronn Brookshire Haven't talked to her Bear. Sunday I try to get stuff done at home and get ready for bowling
Ronn Brookshire
February 16 near Phoenix
Anything Renee Elkins wants is fine Glenna Brookshire-Morris. So u can bring her the smoothie
Misty Marie Yummy!!!! Enjoy Renee Elkins!!!

Round 2 Day 21

Ronn Brookshire
February 18
Well the nurse, Kellie and I decided Renee Elkins looked much better today, even though she said she felt like shit, her words not mine. Her face is not as stressed looking and more relaxed.
Cathy Moore and her grandaughter came to visit. We were booted out when they came in to put in the new pick.
Started her on 3 antibiotics again. Waiting on the decision to run a tube down her throat to help feed her. Renee will only allow it if Dr. Ionguard says ok and not just the hospital doctor who ordered it.
No fever since I have been here today. Mouth still looks like shit and still sore.
The less stress she has the easier it is for her to rest. — with
Tawni Gray and 4 others.
Michelle Ouellette Castilloposted toRenee Elkins
February 18 via BlackBerry Smartphones App
Thinking of you my bff! Hope you're hangin in there. I know u know that its hard to know what to say, and I also know you know exactly how I feel about you. You are my hero, Ne'. I love you so very much. Be strong. *kisses yer forehead* Susan Mary Parks
February 18
We love you and are believing for your healing Renee Elkins!!! Hang in there, God is not finished with you yet!!!

Ronn Brookshire
February 18 near Young America West
My baby looked up and said I love you, then went back to sleep. Makes being a dad worth it. Round 2 Day 2

Alexuss Gray
February 19
So, i haven't talked to my mom in about 2 days .. i went to visit her at the hospital the other night around midnight. i just really had to see her.. it felt like if i didnt see her right then and there , my life would be gone i walked in and woke her up to hug her .. we talked for a little. i couldn't stop crying...i don't know why. but after, I Apologized to her about everything.. i havent been the best daughter lately. But i told her i loved her so much and to never give up.. Just dont lose hope... she called Mason Lussier about 10 minutes ago , and i called her back on a different phone , cause im not with him .-. but she answered and started crying i asked what was wrong , and she told me she missed me and she was really worried about me.. she said she had a bad dream ..:"( im Sorry mom , i hope you feel better , and ill call more im safe and im doing great just stay strong mom your the strongest woman i know i love you <33 Renee Elkins
  • Ronn Brookshire Just always try and do the RIGHT thing no matter what it is
  • Jason Lamb or get your ass back home
  • Rikki Hatara Get somewhere that your mom doesn't have to worry about you, like my place!@
  • Shawn Elkins I would rather have her with you Rikki than where she's at but I have no say...
  • Rikki Hatara She knows that, we've talked, she needs to get it together for her mom...
  • Shawn Elkins You probably don't know the whole story...
  • Rikki Hatara I don't, but it doesn't matter, she needs to get off streets, not only for her own good, but so her mom can relax a little. Renee doesn't need this crap right now....
  • Shawn Elkins I agree
  • Mason Lussier I actually have a stable home. Im fine. And me and ny mom have talked about everything.
  • Mason Lussier -Alexus
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